Mount a Ring Video Doorbell Pro on your front porch for just $160


A video doorbell is not necessarily going to stop Porch pirate By closing with their latest Amazon delivery. But when delivery occurs, it can alert you, and if you have sketch dudes to approach your front door, you’ll also get a heads-up. This is a form of DIY home security, and is well worth it (at least in my opinion). Right now you can find deep discounts on one of the ring’s top models: you can get Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $ 160 When you apply a Tips Clear-exclusive promo code Tips ClearRPRO At checkout. The same model is currently being sold on Amazon for 36% of the same $ 250 price.

As you expect, Ring offers live video feeds with 1080p HD video, motion alerts and two-way voice communication. The Pro supports pre-roll, meaning that you get an additional 4 seconds of video before triggering an incident alert motion. In other words, the ring is always buffering 4 seconds of video, so when someone (or something) visits a motion sensor, you can see up to 4 seconds before that.

One big caveat: The Ring Pro does not have a rechargeable battery. It should be hard-wired for your home, so if you can’t connect it to existing (working) doorbell wires on your front door, this is not the video doorbell for you.

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