Motorola My UX guide: Everything you need to know

Motorola My UX guide: At one point, Motorola was owned by Google. With that in mind, it’s probably not surprising to learn that Motorola’s Android skin known as My UX is very similar to Google’s Pixel UI skin. However, Motorola primarily makes budget and mid-range phones, and it certainly makes many more than Google.

If you have one of these Motorola devices, you might be wondering how My UX works. How can you check for updates? What makes it special? How did it look before? We tell you all this and more, in this complete guide to skin.

“wp-image-126032 size-large” title=”Motorola My UX guide” src=”×576.jpg” alt=”Motorola G Power front on table” width=”640″ height=”360″ /> Motorola My UX guide – Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Editor’s note: This article is current as of December 2021. We will add / remove content as Motorola reveals more information about My UX.

My UX at a gl