Motorola Edge+ Update Allows Streaming Connection To TV & Computers

The Motorola Edge+ is getting a new software experience called Ready For — turning the phone into a desktop computer and TV streaming device.

The Motorola Edge+ Android flagship is getting a software update today that turns it into a desktop computer and streaming device— seriously. Motorola launched the Edge+ back in April 2020, and even here in March 2021, it’s still the highest-end smartphone in the company’s lineup. It has a 6.7-inch  curved OLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, and a 108MP primary camera — just to name a few of its key specs. It didn’t generate the same amount of buzz as its competition did, but as a return to the flagship market for Motorola, the Edge+ was a solid attempt.

In addition to all of its hardware prowess, Motorola also used the Edge+ to introduced some new software features. Not only are the curved edges of the Motorola Edge+ gorgeous to look at, but they also add unique functionality to the phone. They can be used to open app shortcuts, launch specific applications, show the notification tray, and even act as additional buttons when playing games. Now, Motorola is furthering the Edge+’s software suite with an even more ambitious update.

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As of March 17, the latest Motorola Edge+ update brings a new experience to the phone called ‘Ready For’ — a package of multiple software features designed to adapt the Edge+ to different workflows. Out of all of the things Ready For brings to the table, one of the most interesting is the Mobile Desktop experience. After plugging the Edge+ into a monitor via USB-C or HDMI, it’s able to showcase a new user interface on the monitor that resembles something like Windows or macOS. Multiple apps can be opened in floating windows, it’s easier to manage files, and a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can be connected to complete the experience. It sounds a lot like what Samsung does with its DeX feature, but unlike DeX, Ready For is more than a desktop interface.

Ready For Can Also Be Used For Streaming, Gaming, and Video Chatting

Motorola Ready For

The other big highlight feature of Ready For is that it can also be connected to a TV. When this happens, Ready For shows another unique interface that allows users to “see all your favorite apps and entertainment at a glance.” It’s essentially Motorola’s way of mimicking a Roku or Fire TV interface, except that it’s powered by the Edge+. With those two features combined, that means the Motorola Edge+ can be a smartphone, desktop computer, and streaming device all in one single package. The performance of all these features remains to be seen, but at least in theory, it is an interesting idea.

In addition to the desktop and TV experiences, Motorola says that Ready For can also be used to enhance gaming and video chatting. Mobile games can be played on a monitor or TV when the Edge+ is connected to either of the two, and as far as video chatting is concerned, Ready For allows users to switch between the 108MP primary camera or 16MP ultra-wide camera to ensure they look their absolute best for endless Zoom and Google Meet sessions. And, as if that wasn’t enough, this latest software update also brings Android 11 to the Edge+.

It’s unlikely that the introduction of Ready For will revitalize mass interest in the Edge+, but even so, Motorola deserves credit for trying something new here. The Edge+ is still an incredibly powerful phone in 2021, and with Ready For, Motorola is giving owners of the device a bunch of new ways to use it. The update is rolling out now for all Motorola Edge+ owners on Verizon.

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