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Mother’s Day: Special beauty and wellness gifts

Mother’s Day: Special beauty and wellness gifts

Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10th and, for the occasion, we have collected a series of tips and inspirations to find the beauty-wellness gift more suitable for her. An unforgettable cadeaux to make yourself beautiful, pamper yourself, relax, get back in shape … A gift for every kind of mother. P.S.

According to a new one Treatwell investigation, for one in two women (49% of the sample), the maternal figure was the one who has the most influenced the beauty routine during growth. One more reason to dedicate an unforgettable gift to her on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Special beauty and wellness gifts
Special beauty and wellness gifts

Fit mom (or who wants to get fit)

That the long quarantine has had (and is having) a strong impact on physical fitness of many women it is a fact. As he points out Sergio Noviello, physician and cosmetic surgeon, medical director of Sergio Noviello Cosmetic Surgery & BAT Center, “Even in such a complex historical moment, the desire to find the lost physical form is legitimate”.

How? “There are many and very effective I aesthetic medicine protocols to achieve this goal, acting both in terms of skin regeneration and from the point of view of reshaping and fight against water retention and cellulite. Eg injective treatments based on organic silicon, stimulating trace elements of the dermal matrix, hyaluronic acid with growth factors, polynucleotides, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids; mesotherapy sessions Shape-Up; laser lipolysis, indicated for adiposity located on the hips, abdomen, buttocks, knees, arms; there cellulisi, to reduce the orange peel effect “.

At home, he explains Olena Martyncjyk, spa manager of Alpenpalace Luxury Hideaway & Spa Retreat, “Roundness is managed by consistently applying one every morning and every evening cream rich in caffeine, capable of activating the metabolism and disposing of excess fat deposits, escina, friend of lipolysis, ginkgo, which stimulates blood circulation, L-carnitine, also fat-burning, in addition to centella and / or brown alga, capable of stimulating the lymphatic system and draining effectively “.

Aromatherapy passionate mother

If your mom loves the universe of perfumes, know that it is the ideal time for one fragrance “mood tiramisu”, capable in this phase full of worries and uncertainties to brighten or revitalize, according to needs. According to the aromatherapy expert Emanuela Mattiuzzi, “For a mother with an introspective personality, a fan of meditation and yoga, nothing better than a perfume dominated by unisex woody notes or incense, among all the olfactory notes, the most spiritual one, capable of taking root in the “here and now”, giving peace. For a mom from more energetic character and extroverted, yes to a perfume based on citrus notes: from neroli to bergamot, for a splash of freshness and overwhelming optimism. Excellent both in classic form fragrance, which of the candle for the House”.

Mom fan of skincare

Ever since you were a child have you learned from your mother that a skin, to remain beautiful, luminous and age-free, must be scrupulously cared for every day? If your mom falls in category “skincare junkie, the ideal gift for your holiday is undoubtedly a product dedicated to hydration, exfoliation or cleansing (or to all three routines, why not?). As the aesthetic doctor Dvora Ancona, “After the long weeks of quarantine the facial skin can easily appear stressed, dull and dehydrated. The hero-active ingredients to look for on the label of cream, serum, oil or mask are the elastin, protein with anti-wrinkle and elasticizing function; the bisabololo, with soothing and decongestant properties; the squalene, super moisturizing and regenerating; L’aloe, natural anti-inflammatory; the various species of seaweed, rich in antioxidant and revitalizing principles “.

Mom with cue ball healthy food

We were talking before the overweight problem. With a lot of delicacies, and without ever insinuating “mum, you are fattened”, if your mother delights in the kitchen you can create them a rich basket of healthy food, from the box of organic fruit and vegetables to an assortment of vegetable milk, fresh juices, meal replacements, organic muesli, protein products, unsweetened dried fruit, and whoever has more.

Second Sandra Nassima, founder of Depuravita, “At this stage it is important to find time to prepare healthy dishes, giving preference quick-cooking, vegetable food and cold seasoning (above all, extra virgin olive oil). Copy and paste an idea: start the day with a centrifuged celery and lemon, diuretic and anti retention “.

If your mom is one of those who somatize tension with problems of insomnia and anxiety, here is the advice of the nutritionist biologist Veronica Pacella: “Yes to potassium-rich foods, naturally relaxing, like potatoes, courgettes, green beans, lettuce and basil. And if you want comfort food, better avoid sweets and nibble on fresh fruit instead or sip an extract of seasonal fruit and vegetables “.

“Clean freak” mom

If your mom was already before the Coronavirus pandemic some sort of “desperate housewife“in the sense of careful cleaning, it is easy to imagine that in these weeks it has become even more demanding in terms of hygiene. For her, a gift certainly welcome is all that falls within the group of soaps: in liquid or solid form, in maxi format or in mini size version, very fragrant or strictly neutral, a high quality soap will make you super happy. According to thebeautician Silvia Bianco of White Cardamom Studio, “The ideal soap for sensitive skin should be enriched with honey and milk (cow or goat), while in case of dry skin, better a soap based on extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil “.

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