Mother Demands Answers After Teen Son Shot, Wounded By Louisiana Police

Written by Madison J. Gray

A Louisiana mother seeks justice in the shooting of her 14-year-old son, who was wounded by a member of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

According to NBC News, The Sheriff’s Office only announced that the teenager had been injured by one of his officers Sheriff Joe Lopinto was asked about it at a press conference in June, and even then very little was revealed.

At the 20th of March Tre’Mall McGee I was with friends when another friend picked them up in a Nisaan Maxima. McGee says he doesn’t know the car was stolen. When the group drove through Westwego, La., The police stopped them. The driver sped away, but was followed by MPs and then suddenly stopped. McGee and the others jumped out of the vehicle and ran. McGee tried to crawl under a shed in a back yard, but was caught by an officer.

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Until his mother Tiffany McGee When she arrived at the hospital, she assumed that he had been the victim of street violence and had no idea that it was an official’s bullet that wounded her son. She called the father of a friend who had been with her son that day. Together, they used the phone tracking technology and tracked their son’s phone to the Westwego Police Department. Then she found out that he had been shot by the police.

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The next morning, after McGee picked up her son from the juvenile prison and confirmed that a copy had shot him, he went to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office, internal affairs, and the FBI to find out why her son had been injured , but was never caught anywhere. “I called everyone I had to call, but I don’t get any answers,” she said. “I get the complete runaround.”

On May 27, she went back to the sheriff’s office, but was told they knew nothing about the shootout. “My son has a gunshot wound that will never go away. At 14,” she said to the head of the shooting. “My son was shot by an officer.”

After further pressuring the agency, a detective finally contacted her. Steven Bradley, who told her to bring Tre’Mall in to explain what she was doing the next day.

Two weeks later, she received a subpoena accusing the teenager of “resisting through flight.”

“Before you all knew nothing [sic] about the shootout, “she said.” Now do you want to try to accuse him? “

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At a press conference on June 24, Sheriff Lopinto spoke about another police force that involved gunfire Modesto Reyes, who was killed two days earlier by Jefferson Parish MPs. When asked about Tre’Mall McGee’s case, which had been mentioned in the local media, Lopinto said the shootout had just taken place when the coronavirus pandemic attracted the most attention from the group.

“There was nothing that was hidden,” he said. Lopinto. “I didn’t think about it then.”

Christopher Murell, a lawyer who represents the McGees said NBC News, that the office was investigating and officials believed the shootout was justified because they believed Tre’Mell had a gun in hand when he raised his arm to surrender, although it was found that he was unarmed.

“They are trying to say the officer said his life was threatened because a child raised his hand,” said Murell.

Tre’Mall McGee will be 15 next month and his case is pending. He still has bullet fragments in his arm. His lawyers say the prosecutor is reviewing the charges. Meanwhile, his mother still wants the sheriff’s office to be held responsible for her boy’s injury.

“I’m just fighting to be held accountable for what you’ve done,” said Tiffany McGee. “Just take responsibility. That’s all you have to do.”

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