Most-Purchased Items on Good Housekeeping in June 2020

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Every month at Good Housekeeping, we collect the best gifts on the market, report the main trends of the season and test both new and reliable products in the respected Good Housekeeping Institute – and each month our readers decide which items they want to spend their money on. hard earned.

Although stay-at-home orders for COVID-19 are starting to increase in some states, correlated peaks in coronavirus cases have forced people to skip their vacation plans. In fact, in a recent GH survey with more than 3,300 respondents, 59% said they were staying at home this summer.

So 2020 looks like the backyard year, and our readers agree: you do a lot of things to raise your porches, lawns, patios and even fire escapes, essentials from the outdoor bar to grilling tools and insect repellents to keep pests at bay until the mild summer nights. The other items readers are currently buying and looking for may surprise you. here are the most popular products of the moment, as dictated by you:

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Sport mask

Under protection

$ 30.00

The most important accessory of the summer is a facial mask. While our pros say that fabric masks made of multiple layers of tightly woven cotton are the safest, during hot summer months (or workouts!), They can cushion and even attract airborne particles. High-performance fabrics solve this problem while covering your face sufficiently and catching potentially infectious droplets. This favorite reading mask is constructed from three different layers of fabric, including a refreshing lining and a water-resistant outer shell to wick away moisture and facilitate breathing during physical activity. Do not forget that the shipment is delayed until August!

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TP03 Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Chances are, if you have an outdoor grill, you will be using it a lot more this summer. A a good meat thermometer will prevent you from overcooking your steaks, chicken and fish for the best barbecues of all time. This digital choice of ThermoPro is the latest obsession of our readers: it is inexpensive and has more than 24,000 reviews on Amazon. A long probe that rotates 180 ° makes it easy to use, and its backlit LCD screen clearly displays temperature readings in seconds.



AntiOxidant + Sunscreen Lotion

Hawaiian tropic

Wearing sunscreen every day is so important, but mostly so during the sunny summer months. This Hawaiian Tropic formula was the best sunscreen we’ve tested this year, achieving perfect scores for not drying out or irritating the skin and protecting against burns. The testers loved it absorbed quickly without feeling greasy or leaving white plaster. Coppertone Pure & Simple SPF 50 is also popular with readers, a skin-friendly, budget-friendly zinc oxide sunscreen.



Double wall frozen pint glass

A popular gift for Father’s Day and a backyard staple, readers love these insulated plastic pint glasses. Keep them in the freezer: between the double wall design is a refreshing gel that keeps 16 ounces of ice-cold beer (or soda) without watering it. A silicone handle makes them easy to hold.



Backyard insect spray concentrate

For 12 weeks of protection from mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks and more, readers love it sprayer that attaches directly to your hose to treat up to 5,000 square feet of outdoor space. Remember that outdoor insecticides should not be the same formulas that you use for spraying personal insects, so use this insect control in the yard only on your lawn.


Fruit fly traps

FlyPunch (pack of 3)

Aunt Fannie’s

$ 7.99

Keep fruit flies away with this proven Aunt Fannies FlyPunch trap. Our laboratory experts have found worked better than DIY traps and the non-toxic formula is made with sodium lauryl sulfate (a surfactant used in soaps) and malic acid (found in fruits). Just open the top of the pot, put it down and watch your fruit fly problem collapse.

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Hummingbird feeder

First nature

$ 17.99

There’s nothing better than quietly sipping coffee on your veranda in the morning and quietly watching the birds. Readers and Amazon critics swear it’s hummingbird’s favorite feeder. “These feeders are by far the best I have tried,” said one. “They attract the most hummingbirds and are easier to clean.“The bright red color naturally attracts hummingbirds – just fill it with fresh nectar (one part of sugar dissolved in four parts of water), and watch the birds flock.



Explorian E310 mixer


$ 349.95

Blenders are essential for making fresh fruit smoothies or a pitcher of frozen margaritas. Our readers love this Vitamix, our first choice among the best mixers we have tested. It’s expensive but our kitchen professionals swear that you won’t find a better or more durable blender for your kitchen (and at a fraction of the cost of other Vitamix models!).



Dream Series air mattress

SoundAsleep Products

Whether you are installing a strong canopy in the living room or trying out in the yard, a good air mattress is a must. Features of this best seller 40 internal coils for overnight support and a non-slip and non-slip grip bottom on hard ground. The pump is integrated so you never move it, and the brand says it inflates or deflates in less than four minutes.



Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton beach

Our kitchen appliance laboratory professionals swear that grinding your own coffee beans before each batch ensures the freshest flavor and with more people become home coffee connoisseurs during quarantine, it is not surprising that coffee grinders are very popular. This pick of Hamilton Beach’s best value can quickly and evenly grind the beans for the best DIY cold drink and comes with 6, 10 and 12 cup markings for easy reference. The brand says you can also use it to grind your own spices to season steak, pasta salad and more barbecue must-haves.

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