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Most Popular Baby Girl Names 2020

  • The Social Security Administration (SSA), which monitors the popularity of baby names, claims that the most popular baby names for girls are Emma, Olivia, and Ava.
  • The SSA also maintains a list of the fastest names for girls, outlining what may be the most popular baby names in the future.
  • Parents opt for baby names inspired by nature, including gemstones and food.

    When it comes to popular baby girl names, Emma has been # 1 in the United States for five years. (And from 1996 to 2007, it was the same sound Emilie.) The big question: Will Emma continue to be one of the biggest baby girl names in 2020?

    Although nothing seems to be able to break the cycle of Emma, Olivia, Sophia, and Isabelle, there are a few names that get warmer every year. Here are five trends to watch, along with the 100 most popular baby names for girls. (No girls in the family? You can find the list of the most popular baby names for boys and gender-neutral names.)

    The fastest names for girls

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of the most popular names, dating back to the late 1800s. (Mary was the name of the most popular girls in 1879, in case you were wondering.) Usually, the The agency publishes the list of the most popular names from the previous year around Mother’s Day, but this year’s announcement has been delayed due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

    While you can see the 2018 list of the SSA’s Top 100 Girls Names below, it also notes the names that have the biggest jump in ranking between years. These are the top 10 names that are gaining popularity for girls:

    1. Meaghan
    2. Dior
    3. Adalee
    4. Palmer
    5. Oaklynn
    6. Haisley
    7. Keily
    8. Novah
    9. Yara
    10. Ensley

      As you can see, names ending in -ly or -ley are increasing, and may be ready to challenge the dominance of girl names that end in -a, as the first five girls do now. Do you accept this news Fortunately, or sadly?

      Boiling names

      In addition to the SSA, the Baby Naming website Nameberry keeps track of interest in names among its users, capturing names that are gaining popularity before appearing on the SSA list. According to the site, the most popular girls names for 2020 are Luna, Maeve, Dawn, Olivia, Isla, Ava, Ophelia, Eleanor, Eloise, and Aurelia. Names that have seen big leaps in site searches include Kiara, Nova, Ayla, Zara, Athena, Cordelia, Florence, and Anastasia.

      In addition, Nameberry compared its list of popular names earlier this year to that of the SSA, they found more popular girl names among its users who were not on the SSA list of the 1000 best names in the country. These are the ones who are about to hit the big shots, but who are not so popular that they will be written on all cubbies in all daycare centers across the country. They are: Posie, Elodie, Imogen, Ottilie, Seraphina, Cleo, and Beatrix.

      BabyCenter also tracks interest in names among its users, finds them on its list of the most popular names of the year, and the first five are very similar to SSA: Olivia, Emma, Ava, Isabelle, and Sophia. The site found a name in their top picks that was not in the SSA top 100: Amaliya. Two other names, Isla and Eleanor, were BabyCenter’s fastest climbers last year (and were also on the Nameberry favorites list).

      Names.org, a site that uses SSA data to try to predict the names that climb faster, also sees great things for Camilla (or, really, the variant Camila) and Isla. The site predicts that Camila, Luna, and Aria will break the top 10 this year, and that Everly, Ivy, Emilia, Valentina, willow, and Emery are on the rise – these names “E” seem about to be big.

      Look at the birthstones

      Another hot and hot trend that the site has noticed for girls (and even some boys) is names inspired by precious stones.

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      Among the names inspired by jewelry, there has been an increase in searches for Amethyst, emerald (and its derivatives, like Esmeralda and Esme), Ruby, and Onyx (a unisex name). same Goldie and Gem have seen a slight increase. This follows a trend that has continued for a few years now, with baby-girl names inspired by the surrounding world: in 2018, BabyCenter saw an increase names inspired by nature. This includes the names of foods like kale, Kiwi, Maple, and Clementine, as well as names linked to the sky like Dawn, Dawn, and Rainbow.

      Look to the athletes

      For next year, BabyCenter sees female athletes as a big driver for girls’ names. He has already seen an increase in interest in coconut and Naomi, after tennis superstars Coco Gauff and Naomi Osaka. Site plans to increase after 2020 Olympics Simone (after Simone Biles), Allyson (after Allyson Felix), and Dalilah (after track star Dalilah Muhammad). And don’t forget the American Football World Cup Championships: there may be a bump for Alex (Alex Morgan), Carli (Carli Lloyd), and Megan (after Megan Rapinoe, although the alternative spelling, Meaghan, also climbs the charts after Meghan Markle).

      Girls names that are not girls names

      BabyCenter has already found a name that goes from the blue column to the pink. Stevie, Max, Drew, Tyler, and Ryan are some of the “boy” names that now go to girls. And the site anticipates an even greater increase in unisex names, with Ari, river, Cameron, sat, Tatum, Corey, and Frankie see an increase in popularity too.

      The 100 most popular names for girls (according to SSA):

      The SSA says these are the most popular names for girls (as of 2018, the most recent year available).

      1. Emma
      2. Olivia
      3. Ava
      4. Isabelle
      5. Sophia
      6. Charlotte
      7. Mia
      8. Amelia
      9. Harper
      10. Evelyn
      11. Abigail
      12. Emilie
      13. Elizabeth
      14. Mila
      15. Ella
      16. Avery
      17. Sofia
      18. Camila
      19. Aria
      20. Scarlett
      21. Victoria
      22. Madison
      23. Luna
      24. Grace
      25. Chloe
      26. Penelope
      27. Layla
      28. Riley
      29. Zoey
      30. Nora
      31. Lily
      32. Eleanor
      33. Hannah
      34. Lillian
      35. Addison
      36. Aubrey
      37. Ellie
      38. Stella
      39. Natalie
      40. Zoe
      41. Horrible
      42. Hazelnut
      43. Purple
      44. Dawn
      45. Savannah
      46. Audrey
      47. Brooklyn
      48. Bella
      49. Claire
      50. Skylar
      51. Lucy
      52. Paisley
      53. Everly
      54. Anna
      55. Caroline
      56. Nova
      57. Genesis
      58. Emilia
      59. Kennedy
      60. Samantha
      61. Maya
      62. willow
      63. Kinsley
      64. Naomi
      65. Aaliyah
      66. Elena
      67. Sarah
      68. Ariana
      69. Allison
      70. Gabriella
      71. Alice
      72. Madelyn
      73. Cora
      74. Ruby
      75. Eva
      76. Serenity
      77. Autumn
      78. Adeline
      79. Hailey
      80. Gianna
      81. Valentina
      82. Isla
      83. Eliana
      84. Quinn
      85. Nevaeh
      86. Ivy
      87. Sadie
      88. Piper
      89. Lydia
      90. Alexa
      91. Josephine
      92. Emery
      93. Julia
      94. Delilah
      95. Arianna
      96. Vivian
      97. Kaylee
      98. Sophie
      99. Brielle
      100. Madeline

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