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8 Most dangerous places for women to visit

Most dangerous places for women to visit

When you go traveling one crucial thing, besides having a fantastic trip is to stay safe. We hear different stories about people going missing or getting killed while flying. Travel can be a beautiful experience<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Discovering new places, people, cultures, and scenery opens our mind to the world around us. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous particularly if you happen to be a woman traveling alone.

The world would be a better place if everyone were free to travel safely, but unfortunately, some areas remain dangerous for women. That doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. People seem to target females a little bit more than males.

Here are some dangerous places for a female to travel alone. It doesn’t necessarily mean not to go but definitely to be caution.

Veracruz Mexico:

This Mexican state lies on the border of the Gulf of Mexico along the pristine beaches, a sexy errant carnival festival and a dormant volcano. Veracruz is not a friendly spot. Frequent Carjacking, robberies, kidnapping, and assault of women have become commonplace particularly for an American tourist.

Rio de Janerio Brazil:

Since Rio has such a vibrant and outlandish Carnival festival. It should be a stunning place to visit, and it indeed is. If you are a woman traveling alone, women who are planning on taking a solo trip should be aware that Brazil has reported a high number of rape cases. Those going alone should be careful of crimes and robberies at gunpoint.


Women who travel alone are at high risk of harassment during their visit. Morocco doesn’t have a good track record with enforcing women’s right.


Traveling by public transport is the biggest threat to American Women who are going alone. Trains are commonly known as places where women are at risk for sexual assault. Cultural difference can pose a challenge. In America a smile is a casual portrayal of the friendliness of gratitude, but not necessarily in Ukraine. Smiles are referred to as either a sign of being sly, crazy or distinctly interested in the person you are smiling at. The chances are high that you will end up sending the wrong signals.


It has the most significant rate of acid attacks on women. Traveling alone especially women It is dangerous. It’s best to explore the country with an established tour group with a group of friends.

Pakistan has the world largest population. Due to the high rate of gang rapes, domestic violence and human trafficking women are not safe at all.

Turkey: This country is the most dangerous for women Tourist due to terrorist attacks, a troop that has led to a somewhat uncertain environment for everyone, and continuing harassment of women.

Egypt: there is a lot of terrorist attacks taken place in this country. But it doesn’t mean you have to avoid the state entirely. It does have a lot of exciting places that are worth seeing. Perhaps it’s best not to go there solo travel.  Whenever you think of visiting this country always stay at guard, respect local dress norms and go on small group tours instead of walking alone is the best way to be safe.

So just you have to keep your eyes open and play it safe.

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