27 Monroe Piercings with Complete Monroe Caring Guide (2020)

Marilyn Monroe Piercing

The Monroe Piercing is a type of piercing on the upper lip. It is located on the left side which is similar to the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. The most appropriate gauge labret for this type of lip piercing is usually 14, 16 or 18. When it is healed, the bars will be shortened. Other names for this piercing include Beezy piercing, Crayfish, Anti Bites or Angel Bites. The long barbells being used on the piercing looks the same with the antennae of a crayfish.

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Clean your Monroe piercing with Provon Medicated Lotion Soap on the outside. We highly recommend that you should use this medicated liquid antimicrobial/germicidal soap.

Antibacterial soaps that have no color and fragrance may work, however, they are not as effective as Provon. You must avoid soaps that are colored and scented. Also, do not use alcohol or peroxide in cleaning your piercings.

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Biotene Fresh Mint Mouthwash

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After cleaning the external part of your piercing, you should proceed with cleaning the inside part. Use an alcohol-free antimicrobial or antibacterial mouthwash such as Biotene Fresh Mint Mouthwash.

Never use mouthwashes that contain alcohol since they are extremely strong. This is a soothing mouthwash that can totally clean and refresh your mouth.

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Recovery Oral Piercing Aftercare Mouth Rinse

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Your piercer will likely recommend that you should rinse your mouth with an oral sea salt mouth rinse such as Recovery Oral Piercing Aftercare. This is alcohol-free and you can use this three to six times a day. This is a natural solution which can help in healing your piercing quickly.

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Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray

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You should also take good care of the outside part of your Monroe piercing by using a piercing care product such a Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray. Apply this on your piercing three to six times a day. This is a natural saline spray that can effectively clean, rinse, and refresh your Monroe piercing.

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Monroe Aftercare Tips

Since Monroe piercing is very sensitive, then you should take good care of it. Here are some helpful tips which can help you in taking proper care of your Monroe piercing.

  • Stay healthy. As much as possible, you should get enough sleep and have a balanced diet.
  • Avoid using any alcohol, caffeine, or drugs.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Practice good hygiene and keep yourself hydrated all the time.
  • Avoid any emotional stress.
  • Clean your piercing with a sea salt solution.
  • Avoid playing, twisting, or turning your jewelry.
  • Do not eat spicy foods
  • Do not engage in oral sex.
  • Rinse your mouth after every meal.
  • Wash your hands before touching your piercing.

Monroe Piercing Frequently Asked Questions

Monroe piercings are beautiful body modifications that many people choose to get every year. Many of our readers still have some questions after looking at our content. Consequently, we are here to help! Here are some of our readers most frequently asked Monroe piercing questions:

Are Monroe piercings dangerous?

There is a small chance that you could hit a nerve on the upper lip area. However, you can minimize your chances of becoming hurt by hiring a trained professional. A licensed piercer has all the information and knowledge needed to prevent a problem from occurring.

How do you take care of a Monroe piercing?

We went over this question in more depth above. However, the basics are simple. First, wash your hands, then do a salt soak. Finally, clean the area with antibacterial soap and rinse the inside of your mouth with an antimicrobial wash. This will ensure a quick and healthy healing process for you.

How long does it take for a Monroe piercing to close?

The answer to this question is wholly dependent on when you take the piercing out. If the pierced area is newly penetrated, the hole can close in a matter of days. On the other hand, if the piercing is well-established and completely healed, it can take several months.

What gauge is a Monroe piercing?

The best person to ask this question is the piercer who you consult. In most cases, though, the standard gauge for a Monroe piercing is 16G. You are able to request a smaller or larger gauge depending on your particular preferences. Make sure you ask about any risks involved in this first!

How do you know if a Monroe piercing is infected?

There are many telltale signs of an infected Monroe piercing. Swelling, redness, tenderness, or bleeding from the site are all signs of concern. Additionally, if you are having any foul-smelling drainage or pus coming from the area, it’s time to consult a health professional. Infections like these can escalate quickly, so don’t wait.

When can I change to new jewelry for my Monroe piercing?

You should wait to change any jewelry until the piercing is completely healed. For most people, that means waiting a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of around twelve weeks. If you aren’t sure whether your piercing is ready to be changed, refer to a professional for official advice.

Getting a Monroe Piercing

Monroe Piercings looks elegant or they can also look dramatic. If you want to achieve a Marilyn Monroe look then you can get this type of piercing on your face. Regardless if you are searching for something new or maybe a piercing fanatic then a Monroe piercing can look fantastic and elegant on you.

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