Moncler Genius celebrates the Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara collection

Moncler Genius celebrates the launch of the new 7 MONCLER FRAGMENT HIROSHI FUJIWARA collection, with a video and a series of events, between physical and digital, with global activations that reflect local cultures.

In China a live streaming event was presented in which the singer and actress Victoria Song, the comic actor Pang BO and the TV host Nic Li move from a Ramen Bar (inspiration of the video directed by Genki Ito which stars the actor and Japanese singer Tomohisa Yamashita) to a futuristic space by conversing on the street culture that inspires the Moncler Genius collection and giving style advice. In the meantime, a customized truck 7 MONCLER FRAGMENT HIROSHI FUJIWARA goes from store to store serving street food customers inspired by the short shot by Genki Ito.

In Japan, home of Fujiwara and where the designer began his career, the communication of the project is intimately linked to the customer. In typical Tokyo style, Genki Ito directed a short movie to celebrate the launch of the Moncler Genius collection. In a Ramen bar full of neon lights, Tomohisa Yamashita, Japanese singer and actor, finds himself at the iconic Shibuya Crossing. Meanwhile, a preview of the collection is presented to the designer’s fans through Line, the social platform, together with a Spotify playlist curated by the designer and musician.

In Europe on July 2nd, the collection will be presented by Moncler and MATCHESFASHION with a live performance broadcast on IGTV. Benji B, a well-known English DJ, from London will pass the scepter of the Dj Clash to Licaxxx in Tokyo and together they will cross with their music the urban subcultures that have inspired Hiroshi Fujiwara’s work over time.

Finally, the Moncler Genius collection will also be presented through the NOT IN PARIS project, an online exhibition curated by Highsnobiety.


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