Mon Ange: who are the actors in the new TF1 series?

“Mon Ange”, the upcoming TF1 thriller starring Muriel Robin, begins tonight. From Marilou Berry to Mickaël Lumière (“Why I live”), via Alexandra Vandernoot and Romane Jolly (“Fugueuse”), discover who are the other actors of the series.

After starting the year with the sixth unpublished season of Sam, TF1 is launching this evening Mon Ange, its new mini-series event created by Négar Djavadi and worn by Muriel Robin in the role of Suzanne Brunet, a woman who never never recovered from the disappearance of her daughter eight years earlier and decides to do everything to find her after finding a photo of her in a local newspaper.

A drama tinged with polar and ultra effective thriller which offers Muriel Robin, who is no longer presented, a strong new dramatic role after The Forgotten First and Jacqueline Sauvage. And in which she gives the answer to many actors that you have inevitably already seen somewhere, from Marilou Berry to Romane Jolly, including Mickaël Lumière. Yes but where ?

Romane Jolly – Julie Castro

Screenshot / TF1

If the face of Julie, Suzanne’s missing girl, tells you something, it’s normal, since the young woman, who appears in flashbacks and in photos, is played by Romane Jolly, who died of the screen this fall in Fugueuse, the punchy series of the last re-entry on TF1.

Mickaël Lumière – Maxime Varan


Revealed by the films My Baby and The Truth if I Lie! The beginnings, Mickaël Lumière was illustrated in 2020 in the biopic TV movie of TF1 Why I live, in the skin of Grégory Lemarchal. Seen since in Friendzone on Netflix, he won with Mon Ange, in which he played Gabrielle’s brother, his first major role in a series.

Patrick Chesnais – Paul Varan


Paul Varan, commissioner about to retire and father of Gabrielle (Marilou Berry) in Mon Ange, is played by Patrick Chesnais, who is rather rare in series, even if we could see him in Insoupçonnable in 2018 and in some episodes of Kaamelott, No Limit, and I promise you.

In a little more than 40 years of career, this great actor has notably distinguished himself in La Lectrice, which won him the César for Best Supporting Actor in 1989, I am not there to be loved, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Code has changed, Les Beaux jours, Laval, the collaborator, or even in C’est quoi ce papy?, The third part of the comedy with Chantal Ladesou.

Jordi Le Bolloc’h – Hugo

Screenshot / TF1

Hugo, childhood friend of Gabrielle and Maxime Varan in Mon Ange, is played by Jordi Le Bolloc’h, who is none other than the son of actor Yvan Le Bolloc’h, and was particularly illustrated in En Famille, some episodes of Nina and Research Section, as well as in the medical series H24, broadcast in February 2020 on TF1.

Alexandra Vandernoot – Stephanie Mojean

Screenshot / TF1

Well known to fans of Highlander, Tramontana, Bleu de l’Océan, or even the Dinner of cons, Alexandra Vandernoot is doubly present on TF1 today since she plays one of the main roles of Mon Ange – the one by Stéphanie, Hugo’s mother and principal of the school – and also arrives in Here everything begins in the skin of the chef Cardone.

In recent years, Alexandra Vandernoot has distinguished herself in many series including Rightly or Rightly, Station Horizon, Innocent, Red Wedding, Family Business, or A Great Family for the fifteenth and final season broadcast in 2018.

Nathanaël Beausivoir – Thierry

Screenshot / TF1

Nathanaël Beausivoir, who stood out at the start of the last school year in the mini-series Runaway, where he played Micka, one of the rappers who made Léa (Romane Jolly) fall into an infernal gear, here inherits the role of Thierry, a young cop colleague of Gabrielle Varan.

A few weeks ago, Nathanaël Beausivoir was also showing at the cinema of Suprêmes, the NTM biopic worn by Sandor Funtek and Théo Christine.

Erika Sainte – Nadine Bastien

Screenshot / TF1

Nadine, whose teenage daughter disappears just like Julie Castro, is played by Erika Sainte, whom fans of the Purple Rivers know well since she plays Camille Delaunay, one of the two cops of the series alongside Olivier Marchal, since 2018.

The actress, also seen in Baron Noir and more recently in the first role of the thriller I killed my husband on 13th Street, finds for the occasion Muriel Robin, with whom she had already played in Jacqueline Sauvage.

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