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TF1 is broadcasting tonight the first two episodes of “Mon Ange”, its new event mini-series carried by Muriel Robin, Marilou Berry, Patrick Chesnais and Alexandra Vandernoot. A thriller about a mother desperate to find her missing daughter.

What is it about ?

Suzanne Brunet does not resolve. Her daughter, Julie, disappeared eight years ago, but Suzanne is still looking for her, everywhere. Julie would be 25 today. Is she still alive? What happened to him? Suzanne has no idea. This void, she had filled in alcohol, which she got rid of today. Until the day when Suzanne came across an old article in a newspaper, illustrated with a photo of a peasant demonstration in a remote village.

In the photo, a young woman from the back is wearing a particular sweater, a sweater that strangely resembles the one Julie was wearing when she disappeared. Is it really Julie? Suzanne gives up everything to go to this village. She is ready to turn everything upside down. And she will do it. Between the murder of a teenage girl, the suspicion of the inhabitants and the meeting of a determined cop, Suzanne will fight against all and against herself to find her daughter. If she’s there. If she’s still alive …

Thursdays January 6 and 13 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1, and already available in full on Salto. 4 episodes seen out of 4.

Who is it with?

To play Suzanne, the ready-to-do heroine of Mon Ange, TF1 and UGC Fiction called on Muriel Robin. The beloved French actress and comedian, who has offered very nice audience successes to the channel in recent years with Jacqueline Sauvage and I Love You Hairstyle, finds here a new strong dramatic role that fits her like a glove.

In front of her, it’s Marilou Berry, who will be found very soon in season 2 of I promise you, who plays Gabrielle Varan, the police inspector in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of a teenage girl, who could well have a connection with Julie.

A duet complemented in particular by Patrick Chesnais, in the role of Gabrielle’s father, Alexandra Vandernoot, who also arrives this week in Here everything begins, Mickaël Lumière (Why I live), Jordi Le Bolloc’h (H24), Erika Sainte ( Les Rivières pourpres), or even Romane Jolly, the revelation of Fugueuse, who here lends her features to Suzanne’s missing daughter in flashbacks.


Well worth a look ?

Viewers tired of series and unitaries dealing with disappearances or murders of children will certainly let out a sigh of exasperation when they discover the pitch of Mon Ange, which begins this evening on TF1. After all, similar stories have been rife in recent years, from Disparue to L’Absente, La Forêt and Le Secret d’Elise.

However, from its first minutes, the mini-series manages to stand out for its atmosphere and its characters. Starting with Suzanne obviously, magnificently interpreted by Muriel Robin, who proves once again that, even if we adore her as a comedian, she also excels in the complex and dramatic scores of a broken woman.

This single mother, a former alcoholic still haunted by her demons, is the beating heart of Mon Ange, whose determination, attempts to carry out alone an investigation which seems to interest only – au departure at least – and failures too.

Suzanne is ready to do anything to find Julie, “her angel”, who disappeared eight years ago. And she will return everything to this village that she does not know and which is immediately hostile to her in order to achieve it. Even if it means making many enemies and putting oneself in danger.


With the exception of the investigator played by Marilou Berry who, although annoyed by Suzanne’s methods, is also determined to find out the truth, all the other characters seem to be hiding something or not wanting us to come. disturb the apparent tranquility of their village and rummage in their cupboards.

From the director of the school camped by Alexandra Vandernoot to the commissioner about to retire played by Patrick Chesnais, through the pharmacist that Suzanne quickly accuses of lying.

Created by the novelist and screenwriter Négar Djavadi, who notably co-signed the scripts for the TV films The First Forgotten and Jacqueline Sauvage, Mon Ange stands out as a well-crafted thriller, which soon links Julie’s disappearance to another business, and keeps us in suspense thanks to multiple false tracks and the interpretation in tune with his troop of actors.

The only downsides: a disappointing and a bit missed end (but we won’t say more). And the hostile side of the inhabitants towards Suzanne, sometimes a little too taken to the extreme. As during a rather ridiculous sequence of crowd which loses all sense of realism and ultimately harms the series, whereas the disturbing atmosphere which exists within the village is precisely, at the beginning, one of its strengths.

Despite this, Mon Ange, which has the merit of being narrowed down to four episodes, is an overall very successful thriller which should easily find its audience and allow TF1 to start the year in style on the audience side.

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