Molekule opens preorders for new Air Pro air purifier


Molecule is proposing for its new Air Pro purifier starting today. Although the price tag is set at $ 1,200 per unit, the initial rebate of $ 200 will apply to a limited number of initial limits. Molecule says orders should be filled soon by mid-October.

The Air Pro purifier claims several upgrades compared with previous Molecule models according to the company. The new air cleaner provides three times better airflow than its previous consumer appliances (a special pain point for the original Molecule air and air condition). In addition, it includes a particle sensor, a six-speed manual mode and two automatic safety modes.

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In 2017 Molecule’s photoelectronic oxidation, or short, air purifying technology, put it on the map when it launched its first air cleaner in 2017. After initial acclaim, however, Molecule faced increasing criticism over the efficacy of its products. In 2020, Molecule followed the recommendations of the Better Business Bureau to withdraw most of its advertising claims.

although Our evaluation of Molecule’s Air Mini Was quite negative, Molecule thanked the audience for its eye-catching design and unique PECO technology, which the company claims they destroy[s] Pollutants, “as opposed to capturing them, as do more traditional HEPA filters.

Molecule’s most recent air cleaner, the Air Pro RX, received classification from the Food and Drug Association as a second-class medical device. While Pro RX targets hospitals and medical settings, Air Pro is more targeted to professional offices, lobbies and other large locations.

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