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Modloft Furniture: Quality, Affordability and Design

Modloft has grown significantly in the United States and Canada over the past two years. With over 100 stores and growing, Ted Toledano has made it a great brand in the modern furniture market. While most of the other players in modern furniture focus on chairs, bar stools, counters and tables, Modloft has made its niche in residential furnishings with modern beds, Modloft entertainment centers, dressers and bedside tables.

Although Modloft also targets the restaurant chair and table segments, the main focus has been on the modern residential furniture market. Not only do they improve their design every season, but they also continue to change their logo, site and colors to maintain the freshness of the brand and its products.

New collections are added every year with some subtle in the existing collection was Modloft’s forte. While Modloft outdoor furniture is not available for restaurants and resorts, most residential furniture always has a good inventory available. With warehouses in Miami and North Carolina, furniture logistics is managed efficiently and effectively.

Although most of their production is based on China, part of it is also produced in countries near the coast such as Brazil. First of all, the construction of the cabinet is in medium density fiberboard (MDF) with white lacquer veneers, oak, walnut and wengè finish. They produce quality modern furniture but, like any piece made of MDF, the durability increases if you don’t move it frequently. Frequent movements of any modern furniture can cause damage, scratches and loss of damaged ends and corners.

Modloft Monroe classic beds and Worth beds have traditionally been the best sellers in the platform bed section. Both are inspired by the low Japanese style near the platform beds with a clean and linear design. Most of the headboards are in leather or fabric and the footboard in wengè or walnut finish. They have bedside tables and chest of drawers corresponding to all the collections. Their bedroom line boasts Italian innovation and modern design in an elegant way.

Modloft TV stands are their second best selling items. Lexington TV stands keep the ground for the living room with modern furniture. The previous best seller Anna Wall has been replaced by Esplendore and Fenzo Wall Units. The line of the living room is accompanied by a small table, bookcases, benches and coffee tables.

Luxo and Azur by Modloft are a collection of luxury furniture. Most of the products in these collections are unavailable items with delivery times of ten to fourteen weeks and can be customized as needed. Modloft, with its current offers, sums up modern residential furniture from the middle to the top segment very well.


by Vip P Sin

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