Modest Fashion: Unusual 90-76 | Fashion Italia

Modest Fashion: Unusual 90-76 | Fashion Italia

Unusual 90-76 is a brand of modest fashion, completely made in Italy, which has just debuted with the Resort 2020 collection. The choice to define itself as “unusual” by the two founders, who prefer to identify themselves with the use of the numerical pseudonyms that are part of the brand name, is linked to a variety of reasons. The modest wear it is certainly an unusual category – in fact it includes all that type of clothing that conforms to a series of religious and cultural dictates – which is, in a further unusual way, updated thanks to the mix with influences deriving from streetwear, thus reinterpreting items of the Islamic tradition . The central piece of this swimwear collection is the burkini, which is however made modern and enriched, through a decidedly fresh approach.

Another unusual element is it Jabrag, a scarf tied around the back of the neck and featuring a rich decoration on the forehead. This accessory is designed to illuminate the look of a Muslim woman who can wear it under thehijab, the classic veil. However, jabrag is not a traditional accessory, but was invented by Unusual 90-76, drawing on the African American culture of streetwear. The word is in fact a crasis between hijab is durag: the latter indicates a sort of scarf, which became particularly famous because it was worn by rappers in the 90s. Its origins, however, actually date back to the nineteenth century, when African American laborers used to wear it so as not to ruin their hair, up to the 1960s, when durag became a widespread cultural symbol, now an integral part of the fashion of the period.

The modest fashion collection of Unusual 90-76 is made mainly of “three-piece” swimwear, that is, made up of leggings, tunic and cap made of a biodegradable and very light lycra that revolutionizes the world of burkini, instead characterized by very materials heavy. In addition to completing the looks there are also modern ones abayatraditional tunics, however modernized thanks to the contrasting graphics and decorations of stones and embroidery.

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