MLB The Show 21 On Xbox Isn’t Actually Being Published By PlayStation

Reportedly, PlayStation is not actually publishing the Xbox release of MLB The Show 21; those duties will instead fall to the MLB.

Reportedly, PlayStation won’t serve as publisher of MLB The Show 21s Xbox version; the MLB will instead play the role of publisher on non-PlayStation platforms. Word of the baseball franchise’s departure from its status as a PlayStation exclusive first entered the public consciousness in December 2019. The multiplatform shift received a more formal announcement in February of this year, once MLB The Show 21 was officially unveiled for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Xbox players were treated to even more good news earlier this morning when Microsoft announced that this year’s MLB The Show entry will launch day-and-date on Game Pass for subscribers on Xbox One and Series X|S. Game Pass Ultimate members with access to Android smartphones and tablets will get to take to the field as well, courtesy of the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta. News of MLB The Show 21 joining Xbox Game Pass has understandably a wide variety of questions. Chief among them is how PlayStation will respond and if the publisher even had a say in such a game-changing decision.

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Following the Game Pass reveal, industry analyst Benji-Sales reported that, apparently, PlayStation is not publishing the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of MLB The Show 21. Instead, the MLB will step up to the plate to serve as publisher of the annual sports title’s Xbox iterations. At the time of writing, neither the MLB nor Sony have officially confirmed as much.

With this information making the rounds, fans and pundits alike are wondering how much of an influence Sony may have had regarding the Xbox Game Pass decision. At the very least, final say on the matter likely fell to the MLB. Now the wait is on for whether or not the Japanese publisher will respond, especially since PlayStation fans aren’t too happy that they may have to pay $70 for a first-party title that Game Pass subscribers will receive at no extra cost.

The publishing-related news is not too much of a surprise. Sony published Death Stranding on PlayStation 4 in 2019, for example; however, 505 Games served as publisher on the Kojima title’s PC release last summer. Regardless of what’s taking place behind the scenes, the next few weeks are bound to be incredibly interesting.

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MLB The Show 21 comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms on April 20.

Source: Benji-Sales/Twitter

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