Miriam Leone: interview and photos on the L’Oréal Paris makeup collection

If Planck’s Constant were applied a Miriam Leone it would be easy to provide the three – fateful – clues.

Past: Miss Italy and Veronica Castelli (since 1992 …).
Future: Eva Kant, in the highly anticipated Diabolik by Manetti Bros
Present: L’Oréal Paris.

Proof? Miriam Leone is certainly one of the artists who best, and most, represent Italy at the moment. It is therefore not surprising that L’Oréal Paris, Maison French par excellence, she has chosen – already her testimonial – as the face of her new collection: Just one look. A limited edition capsule Made in Italy which, as the name suggests, focuses on eye makeup: protagonists 4 Matte Signature eyeliner (Black, Emerald, Marron, Blue) and the Mascara voluminous in the Black and Extra Black versions. And since, here as never before, even the eye wants its part, the exclusive packs are embellished with geometric and graphic textures in screen printing. Essential lines, bright colors because the gaze says everything we are: personality, emotions and feelings.

And speaking of eyes that speak … Here’s what Miriam told us.

Miriam, can you put eyeliner on?

“Mmm … I’m not really a pro on the subject, but given the new colors of the collection (Just a glance from L’Oréal Paris, ed) I will go in search of the best tutorial on the subject … “.

The complete collection “Just a Look” by L’Oréal Paris

The collection includes 4 eyeliner different: how do you match them? To the mood or the rest of the look?

“All ‘mood and in the light of the day… in the morning sometimes give a twist of color to a gray day cheers everything … Or in the evening in a club or at dinner to shine even more … In short, it is a very fun palette to play with, to see the world in color … “

Can you control your emotions, or your eyes, your expressions speak for you (when you are angry ect)?

Diplomacy take me away … It takes a while and sometimes it saves your liver and lungs … At the beginning of my life I was very impulsive and I reacted straight away, I have always been an open and passionate book … Now, thanks to a path of awareness, growth, love for myself, I’m learning to manage my emotions … We live much better … Without ever knowing how to pretend, however, my eyes are always transparent … “.

L’Oréal Paris “Your bold look” box

The first thing (beauty) you do in the morning and the last one in the evening.

“I immediately drink a glass of water and then I rinse my face … E breath“.

Three things that never fail in your beauty case.

“Mascara, lip moisturizer, a cream blush“.

What’s worse: lipstick on the teeth or the wrong foundation?

“For me the wrong foundation… Girls, please, we remain in solidarity with each other and always say it when we have lipstick on our teeth … “.

Who is your “beauty muse”?

“Jane Birkin, Virna Lisi, Marilyn, David Bowie, Creamy … “.

L’Oréal Paris “Your intense gaze” box

The claim of L’Oréal Paris has always been “Why are you worth”. A claim that is also an invitation, not always easy to grasp. What would you recommend to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps (to always keep their value high)?

The value we give to ourselves will also be what others will give us… Without arrogance, we must have a valid consideration of ourselves, work to always improve ourselves, learn to love ourselves and be able to say no without feeling guilty … It is a path made of ups, downs, moments of glory and frustrations, but if we are kind to ourselves, if we learn to forgive us we will be able to no longer allow anyone to devalue us … Our life is a unique journey and we can learn to treat ourselves as the most precious asset we have … In short, we will spend all our life in our company, you might as well be on good terms … I really like “you are worth” anyway! When I record them voice over I really like to say about L’Oréal Paris films … I say it to myself and to anyone who will hear it and / or listen to it… “.

The song you are listening to right now.

It’s a good day of Peggy Lee“.

Can you reveal some future plans?

“I would have many things to tell you … Do we speak in a few months?“.


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