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Believing in the theory ‘Less is More’ – Style tips for a minimalist

Believing in the theory ‘Less is More’ – Style tips for a minimalist

Minimalist: In case you’re someone who is a staunch believer in the minimalist philosophy of dressing and accessorizing. You must be aware of the fact that there’s more to it than just wearing a uniform of monochromatic lines and mute colors. Yes, although it is true that the styling is sober than the other forms of dressing up. The anatomy of minimalist designing is deemed as maximalist counterparts.

minimalist design
minimalist design

When it comes to dressing, less is certainly more as it is possible to create a striking new look by following the minimalist fashion trend. Coco Chanel was a follower of the minimalist design and if you too are a strong believer, here are few tips that you can take into account.

  1. Simplicity is equal to clarity

You have to streamline your search to only those things that you really love and which you can’t do without. When it comes to curating your own wardrobe, this will become an indeed satisfying procedure. When you can concentrate only on those things which you love and about which you feel excited. If you’re madly in love with rings, whether golden or diamond, you should keep them on your list of minimalist design.


  1. Think in terms of the long-term future

Minimalists always believe in the fact that a garment has enough longevity. You can wear anything and make it relevant according to what you can wear it with. For instance, if you invest in a big coat or some sweater, it is definitely going to serve your purpose. It may useful for several years due to the fact that you can wear it. You may wear so many places and on so many occasions.


  1. Hoard on scarves

Get yourself a really huge scarf so that you can play with its volume and make it a massive thing to wear. You can layer it with other forms of warm clothes to add textures to what you wear. One more thing to take care of is that bigger scarves can let you make a style statement. And this can certainly be a one-size-for-all.


  1. Exaggerate with smaller details

One of the biggest enjoyments with dressing is wearing garments and accessories that have a little bit of exaggeration within the detail. When you get an option to exaggerate the details, you can make your silhouettes and wardrobe look more personal and interesting.


  1. Boost the volume

There is a fine line which blends the East with the West. You need to know that proportioning is one of the biggest creative elements which you can find in dressing as this is the only way in which you can alter the way in which your silhouette looks and intentionally enhance the shapes in the most artful manner. You can play with volume as smaller proportions look better in the bottom.


Therefore, in case you’re a minimalist, you should follow the above-mentioned style ideas for the ideal look!

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