Minecraft Youtuber Dream Denies Using Racial Slur

Surfaced video and screenshots allegedly show Minecraft YouTuber Dream using racial slurs in 2015 and 2017, and he vehemently denies all of it.

Popular Minecraft streamer Dream has once again found himself at the center of controversy, this time due to allegations that he used racial slurs in streams from 2015 and 2017. Dream notoriously made headlines in late 2020 after being stripped of a Minecraft speedrun record after it was found that the YouTuber must have cheated, but this latest allegation is far more serious and should be scrutinized even more closely by all parties.

This latest controversy comes only days after Dreams weighed in on another debacle, the #CancelDreamStans Twitter trend. In short, the “Awesome Nintendo Facts” Twitter page stated that Dream was undeserving of being in the Top 100 most-subscribed channels in the United States, adding that “there is no reason this guy should be as popular as he is.” Following this, some of Dream’s 20 million followers began sending death threats to Awesome Nintendo Life. This sparked the #CancelDreamStans hashtag and culminated with Dream making a statement denouncing the followers in question as “horrible.” He publicly stated that he does not condone sending death threats, but also went on to say that this type of toxic behavior is “just something that’s been around since the beginning of the internet.”

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According to Dexerto, the recent accusations about Dream using a racial slur stem from a now-private video of a 2017 stream where someone can be heard saying the n-word while playing Minecraft. Although other players could be heard referencing someone named “Dream” during the stream, there is no conclusive evidence that this person is actually Dream. The other instance of Dream allegedly using the racial slur comes from a 2015 Minecraft screenshot, in which someone named “DreamOnPVP” typed the word into the game’s chat. Dream vehemently denies that either of these users are him, dismissing the allegations as a “smear campaign” and stating, “Neither are very me very clearly. People are disgusting,” on Twitter.

No one has been able to verify whether the DreamOnPVP account has ever belonged to Dream; Dream himself has stated that he purchased the name from someone else in 2019. Further, a Twitter user noticed that one username in the 2015 game chat, “robert112000,” hasn’t been used since 2015, while the DreamOnPVP name was used between 2018 and 2020. Finally, an unearthed Discord message from January 2021 shows a user named “RETIREMENT OF THE SAVAGE MAN” writing, “Time to plan our next move…I’m thinking next month we go for #dreamisoverparty and fabricate videos of him saying the n-word. The look on his face will be awesome.”

Unfortunately, all of this does not fully exonerate Dream. While both the 2017 stream and the 2015 screenshots could easily have been falsified, so too could much of the evidence to the contrary. The most tamper-proof evidence available is the history of the usernames themselves, which becomes complicated when considering that Minecraft users can purchase names from each other.

It isn’t difficult to believe that people exist who dislike Dream enough to undergo a smear campaign of this magnitude, especially after the fiasco surrounding his contested speedrun, but this also would not be the first time a public figure landed themselves in hot water based on something they said years ago. Either way, this is definitely the most perilous controversy the Minecraft streamer has been involved in.

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Source: Dexerto, Dream

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