Minecraft Water Mural Showcases The Power Of A Single Bucket

An inventive Minecraft player takes advantage of the game’s weird water physics to create a huge piece of art using a single bucket of water.

Water in Minecraft is so powerful due to its weird physics that a single bucket can go a long way, as demonstrated by a recent water mural created in the game. Of course, this is a rather unconventional approach to creating art in the game; the majority of builders prefer the traditional way of arranging blocks into desired shapes.

One of the most impressive recent Minecraft builds is a mighty keep located by a mountain and clearly inspired by The Lord of the Rings’ famous fortress Helm’s Deep. The author adopted some of that film’s design decisions for a unique look, which combines the style of both Rohan’s capital city Edoras and Helm’s Deep. While the fortress itself has tall walls surrounding it, there’s a small town located right in the front. Going farther from the keep, the environment transforms into a rural landscape with fields and appropriate architecture.

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Redditor KevinJNguy01 shared a video of a Minecraft water mural created using a single bucket. This initial water source goes down the mountain following previously dug-out routes and paths, eventually transforming into a giant image. Obviously, the end result can only be seen from above, and it looks impressive considering the fact that it was created with a single bucket. Although the whole process looks like sorcery, the truth is that water in Minecraft has weird and illogical behavior when compared to its real-life counterpart. If a single source reaches a fall within a 7-block range, it sort of reboots allowing for another 7-block-long flow until the next fall. This step can be repeated infinitely, which was used to create the featured water mural.

There’s no doubt that KevinJNguy01’s water mural required time and effort, but there are lots of Minecraft fans that are willing to spend years creating their dream projects. A recent example of such dedication is a giant city designed and made by a single person over the course of three years. Called North American Metropolis Project, the build captures the style of huge urban environments present in such famous US megalopolises as New York or Chicago. The best part of the project is that everyone can download it and enjoy the incredible work, as long as their hard drives are up to the task.

Despite Minecraft’s physics being largely unrealistic, they’re a lot of fun to play around with, especially for creative players. Floating blocks, infinite water sources, and other gameplay nuances allow for incredible structures, as vividly demonstrated by KevinJNguy01’s water mural. One wonders just how many different designs could be rendered in this unique aquatic manner.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: KevinJNguy01/Reddit

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