20 Mind-blowing Mehndi designs for daily and special occassions

Express yourself through mind-blowing Mehndi designs!

Mind-blowing Mehndi designs: We have entered into the most exciting season of the year where endless excitement keeps waiting at every hour. With festival on cards, shopping and dressing up can’t be far off. This time you have some wonderful Mehndi designs to become a head turner. YES!  Let your style speak more than words. Celebrations, Pujas, wedding function all remain incomplete if not attended with beautifully decorated hands.

Hand Mehndi Design

Divide your hand, wrist, and arm into three parts. Every part will be decorated differently depending on the shape of the body part. Start with fingers by drawing a small dot in the middle of it. With curved lines draw semi-circles along this thick dot. Make another circle make it more prominent. With three leaves like pattern decorate each finger at the tip. This will give your finger a long and attractive look.

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Coming to the center of the hand on its back, as the entire part is bit oval, making a circular pattern is what you need to follow.  Start with making a dot in the center. Underline it with a circle. With the help of small loops make another circle around the earlier circle. At equal distance make a few dots. Leave a small distance and make a floral design in such a way that each block comes in between the dot created by you earlier.

Hand Mehndi Design

Now make another circle and fill all the curvy space with henna so that it looks like a complete and neat circle. Make another circle to highlight it. Then draw a bit bigger looped circle around this circle to make your design look bigger and attractive.  Now divide this circle into 8 equal parts with a dot. At every dot make a few leaf pattern and loop pattern to make it look symmetrical and mesmerizing.

Hand Mehndi Design

Wrist Mehndi designs

For your wrist what could be a better option than a Mehndi design that exactly looks like a bangle or a thick bracelet. Make a V pattern where V is placed exactly at the center of your earlier design. With a looped circle highlight the inner part and start drawing similar and smaller flowers at an equal distance. Create these flowers with dots and drop pattern.

Wrist Mehndi designs

Wrist Mehndi designs

Mehndi pattern

Don’t forget to double the outlines of every flower so that it looks more prominent and enticing. Don’t forget it’s thicker and bold lines that give true color to your Mehndi pattern apart from making it look beautiful and mind capturing. Now start making few loop designs similar to your jewelry as how it will look when worn in a dropping style.

Mehndi pattern

Making a long design on the arm side is what you should opt for this festival season.  You can cover the distance 

Mehndi pattern

With long design

Keep extending the Mehndi pattern with the help of smaller and bigger looped designs. Placing small circles or dots at an equal distance will give it a unique look.

Long Mehndi pattern

With circular design

Every dot gives you a starting point where you can explore more and meet your creativity. Half and full curves set a plot for a long journey. It’s the right placements and bold and light lines that stand out the pattern. While making Heena pattern for hands keep these points in mind and start becoming a head turner.

circular mehndi design
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With elongated single pattern

Starting with a curved or slightly wavy line you put yourself on the right track. Dividing the body part into smaller section is always a sure shot way to become a Mehndi designer? This way you are able to make better designs as you have to fill smaller parts. Either select checked or diagonally crossed checks to fill the square area. Fill Alternate Square with Mehndi and leave the other. This way completely fills your bigger squares or circles.

single pattern mehndi design

Single pattern

Making a single pattern on the arm is always popular amongst the teenagers. Make the Mehndi design bit bold and thick by adding curves and dots of different shapes at the end of every side.

single pattern mehndi design

With layered pattern at equal distance

To cover your arm with the beautiful design you have an option of making a layered pattern as well. Make a curve along with your arm starting right from the wrist. Make it as if you are wearing a thick bracelet on your arm. Fill this bold place with making bigger loops at the starting point and ending point. With this now you will be left with a small section to be completed. In between this design make the curves and lines to make it stand out.

layered pattern mehndi design

Coming back to the starting point, the curve you made at the starting point won’t attract eyeballs until and unless you make something at the edges. Making three drops bunch at an equal distance will give it a prominent look. Making half flower with the help of dots and loops at an equal place, you definitely are on right track.

layered pattern mehndi design

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