Milk and Honey Whitening Face Pack for all skin type

milk and honey whitening face packMilk and Honey Whitening Face Pack

Smoother, white, bright skin is what we need. To make this easy and simple we will share a natural face pack with milk and honey. This pack is extremely easy to make and will help you to get the glowing, fair skin within few minutes. To get the fairness and skin whitening benefits you will have to try it regularly though. So, here is how you can prepare this milk and honey whitening face pack.

How to prepare this pack:




Procedure: Mix one teaspoonful of milk with 1 teaspoonful of honey. It will be more like a lotion now. Apply this on the face and body as well. Massage gently like you do with the face lotions and leave for 30 minutes. Wash with tepid water after that. Try this 3 times in a week for the great results. This pack is more like a face lotion, hence it will not be difficult to wait that long. If you have oily skin then make sure that it is only milk and no milk cream in it.

Benefits of this Milk and Honey Whitening pack

This face pack has milk which is full of lactic acid. You may have seen that Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used in skin whitening and anti aging products for their benefits similarly lactic acid is also a potential AHA.

This will gently exfoliate the face and skin becomes fairer and smoother instantly.

Milk has been used since ages for skin lightening. Honey on the other hand will give you glowing skin quickly.

Honey is also good to restore the lost moisture from the skin due to honey’s moisture lock properties.

This pack when used on regular basis will help to get rid of the sun tanning, skin rashes, skin dullness and also to lower down the melanin production.

For dry skin, this face pack will moisturise and nourish the skin with milk protein and nutrients while for oily skin this help to brighten the skin and take away the dullness due to excessive oil production.

As both milk and honey are gentle products, this face mask is idea for the sensitive skin as well.

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