Mike Trashed For Indecisiveness As Fans Switch Loyalties

Was Natalie Mordovtseva’s “insane” behavior on 90 Day Fiancé season eight a result of Mike Youngquist’s gaslighting & manipulative actions?

After Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist’s wedding debacle on 90 Day Fiancéfans have been begun trashing Mike for his indecisiveness and gaslighting, as Natalie, who was once the villain, is now basking in pity and sympathies. The last two episodes of season eight have been making fans feel like they’re watching a soap opera. With Natalie running pillar to post to find shelter before her flight to France, and then returning to Mike, who revealed he had cold feet, the plot couldn’t have been messier. But then, Mike shocked TLC viewers even more by telling Natalie he still wanted her to stay with him – illegally – as the 90 days were not enough for him to decide about marriage. Naturally, his actions didn’t sit well with fans.

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Episode 16 of 90 Day Fiancé season eight saw Natalie drive back to Sequim with Tamara after a credit card mishap at the hotel where she was supposed to stay. Although, in a realistic world, Natalie or Tamara would have paid for the hotel room, with Mike reimbursing them later, the Ukrainian actress still expressed an interest in marrying the man who dumped her earlier that day. While Mike looked okay with Natalie driving away earlier, he assured Natalie he never wanted her to leave. After a chat with an immigration lawyer, the 90 Day Fiancé couple still didn’t appear like they were on the same page regarding what to do about their relationship moving forward.

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But the conclusion fans gleaned from the situation was that, while Natalie may have been intense in demanding a life she dreamed of, she wasn’t really insane when compared to Mike’s manipulation tactics. “People are on her about pushing for marriage but she’s there on a K1 visa, specifically to get married!” wrote a fan in a 90 Day Fiancé Reddit community, as several others agreed Mike seems to be incapable of being vulnerable with his feelings. Fans maintained Mike was deliberately punishing Natalie’s actions from 90 Day Fiancé season 7, and that he was never interested in marrying her. In fact, some fans even suggested he simply planned to pay off his debts with TLC money.

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Natalie Mordovtseva And Mike Youngquist In 90 Day Fiance 10

Many TLC viewers have also started noticing the tables turn as Natalie, who came across as “insane” during the initial episodes, is now sensible compared to Mike. Mike was able to communicate his problems with his hairdresser, but he couldn’t have a simple conversation with Natalie without blowing up their entire relationship and making nonsensical future plans. Alternatively, theories about how both Natalie and Mike are equally at fault for destroying their relationship also exist, with both of them performing the anxious-avoidant dance.

Still, there are some fans who have formed an opinion that Natalie is the one who seemed to have used Mike for a green card and m