Mike & Natalie’s Loved-Up Wedding Day Photo Surfaces

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva got married on April 15, 2020. Check out their unusual wedding picture, which shocked many fans.

It looks like Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva did get married on 90 Day Fiance season 8, and a photo of their wedding recently surfaced. A loved-up picture of them surfaced on Instagram. Many viewers were convinced that Natalie and Mike have so many differences and they won’t be able to resolve them. The couple didn’t agree on many things and frequently had explosive arguments on-camera and off-camera. In the last episode of 90 Day Fiance, Natalie left Mike’s house after he called off their wedding on the wedding day.

She planned to take a flight to her home country, Ukraine. But she had to return to Mike’s house because his card couldn’t be used without him being present at the hotel. Many fans were enraged to watch Mike’s indecisiveness and how he treated Natalie. He always had bored expressions around her and responded with shrugs. A fan perfectly captured Natalie and Mike’s expressions in a sketch, which looked like a cover of a psychedelic thriller film.

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Mike’s neighbor, Tamara, revealed that he took the plunge and tied the knot with Natalie two days after their fight. A fan page has now posted their wedding picture on Instagram via Tamara’s Facebook. The couple looks quite tired in the photo, and some fans think that Mike was probably drunk or high. He is wearing a casual turquoise blue color shirt. Natalie found a beautiful wedding gown on the show, but it looks like she decided to wear a simple white dress for her third wedding. She is sitting on Mike’s lap. Check out the picture posted by @mommy_says_bad_words below:

The fan page admin captioned the picture as, “Mike looks like he just smoked one hell of a blunt.” Many 90 Day Fiance viewers aren’t happy to see this couple together. They commented things like, “That’s an awful photo,” “Being so high that he can pretend is another female on his lap instead of her,” and “The only way to marry her is to be high.” Another fan sarcastically wrote, “Awww look at the happy couple.” Somebody else claimed that the couple married, but they got divorced a week later. The fan page admin suggested, “that would be an annulment which is 100% possible.

Mike’s uncle Beau also informed that Natalie had not been home in the last few months. He believes that the couple is separated. Well, it is good to see that Natalie and Mike didn’t force themselves to save their relationship. Mike is now having fun with friends and munching on BBQ meat and sausage. His estranged wife, Natalie, is also focusing on building her online brand. She is consistently making cooking videos for her YouTube channel. Even though many fans know how Natalie and Mike’s story is going to end, it would be interesting to watch them together on 90 Day Fiance season 8 for the last time.

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90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

: @mommy_says_bad_words

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