Microsoft Your Phone now lets you use your smartphone apps on PC

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Windows your phone

  • Microsoft’s Your Phone tool now offers the ability to run your mobile apps on a PC.
  • However, this feature is limited to Samsung’s Android phones.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows for closer integration between Android and Windows so you can mirror your phone’s screen or get mobile notifications on the desktop.

Microsoft and Samsung announced an even tighter integration when the Galaxy Note 20 series launched last month that would allow users to run their phone apps on PC. Thankfully, for some, the wait should be over as the Redmond company announced that this feature is now ready for prime time.

Your phone’s Twitter account advises that it may take 48 hours to show this new feature to you. So don’t fret if you don’t see it already.

This new feature is pretty neat nonetheless, and allows you to run and pin mobile apps on your PC. You can’t currently run multiple phone apps at the same time, but you can run a smartphone app alongside a PC program if you wish.

The functionality of your phone apps is currently a Samsung exclusive feature. Specifically, functionality is limited to devices like the Galaxy S9 and above, the Galaxy Note 9 and above, Samsung Foldables, and some Galaxy A-series phones. The full list of compatible phones can be found on the Microsoft website.

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