Microsoft won’t buy TikTok; Oracle reportedly will be the app’s “partner”

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  • Microsoft released a statement that it will not purchase the popular TikTok social networking app.
  • Microsoft stated that TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, was no longer interested in selling TikTok’s US operations to the company.
  • According to an unconfirmed report, Oracle is becoming a “trusted technology partner” for TikTok.

You can now count Microsoft as a potential buyer of the popular TikTok social networking app. The company issued a brief statement today stating that TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, has decided not to sell its US operations to Microsoft.

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However, The Wall Street Journal reports that Oracle will actually be involved in TikTok in the US. The report claims the deal will not be a direct sale of TikTok’s US operations. Rather, Oracle is now becoming the app’s “trustworthy technology partner”. Hopefully this deal will be enough to convince the Trump administration not to ban US companies from working with TikTok. As of this writing, Oracle has not yet commented on a potential deal with ByteDance and TikTok.

In its statement today, Microsoft claims that its proposal to take over TikTok’s US operations would have been good for its many users. However, Microsoft has made “significant changes to ensure that the service meets the highest standards for security, privacy, online safety and the fight against disinformation.”

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