Microsoft Surface Pro X with SQ2 chip announced: So what’s new, then?

Microsoft Surface Pro X official

  • The Surface Pro X has received a chipset upgrade in the form of the SQ2 processor.
  • The new processor from Qualcomm and Microsoft promises increased performance and improved battery life.

The Surface Pro X is the first Windows on Arm device we’ve seen from Microsoft (we’re not counting the Surface RT). It runs on Windows 10, which was developed using low-power arm chips. The two-in-one device packed an SQ1 chip that was billed as a partnership between Microsoft and Qualcomm, and the duo are working together again on another Surface Pro X variant.

Microsoft and Qualcomm have announced the release of a new Surface Pro X powered by an SQ2 chip. There is no word about specific upgrades for the SQ2 compared to the SQ1. For starters, however, it offers improved performance and the Snapdragon X24 LTE modem. Those hoping for 5G might be a little disappointed.

The duo also say that the Surface Pro X with the SQ2 processor offers 15 hours of endurance, compared to 13 hours for the variant with the SQ1 chip. But we need to put this device through its paces to see if that’s correct.

For what it’s worth, the SQ1 was a 3 GHz octa-core processor that was essentially based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8CX chipset for Arm PCs. But XDA developer reports that the SQ2 is based on the second generation 8CX processor. We have asked Qualcomm and Microsoft for more information on the new chipset and will update the article accordingly.

However, the companies have confirmed that the Signature Keyboard accessories are now available in Platinum, Ice Blue, and Poppy Red colors XDA notes that the device is also available in a platinum color option.

The Surface Pro X with the SQ2 chipset starts at $ 1,499.99 for the basic 16GB / 256GB option and the top-end 16GB / 512GB option for $ 1,799.99. So if you want a cheaper version or a drop in price compared to the previous model, you will be disappointed. In fact, our own Gary Sims felt that the initial $ 1,000 pricing for Surface Pro X in particular was a huge disappointment. Too bad as Gary also said it was pretty handy for productivity, media consumption, and web browsing.

The news also comes when Microsoft announced that 64-bit app emulation will be available for Windows on Arm next month. This feature allows older 64-bit Windows apps to run on the platform, such as: B. Games and editing suites.

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