Michelle Obama sincerely talks about her mild depression

If somehow you missed it, the queen of our hearts Michelle Obama is back with the second episode of her podcast on Spotify, and she is as sincere and direct as in her bestseller. Becoming (now also a documentary on Netflix).

While in the first episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast, the former First Lady conversed with her husband, Barack Obama, about their relationship, in the second chat with her journalist friend Michele Norris on the impact the pandemic has had on your mental health.

“I know I have to deal with a form of depression, albeit of a low entity,” she admits with simplicity in the podcast released on August 5, she who is the mother of two daughters. “And not only because of the quarantine, but also because of the racial conflict. It’s still: having to witness this management of power, observe its hypocrisyday after day, it’s really discouraging. “

Like most of us women, Michelle tries to learn to be less self-critical. “I went through emotional ups and downs that I think everyone feels, where you simply don’t feel like yourself. There has been a week in which I had to surrender to this feeling, and I tried not to be too strict with myself, “she continued, admitting to spending restless nights where her worries kept her from sleeping.

Michelle Obama also updated us on how she and Barack spent time with their daughters Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, during Covid-19. The former First Lady followed a precise daily schedule as it did during the years in the White House – the entire Obama family gathered every day at 5pm to do activities together: it could be a “thousand-piece puzzle” or the Spades card game.

Trying to find that kind optimism that characterizes her, Michelle said that despite her depression, she tries to use her time to reflect on what our normalcy should look like in the future, and stressed that this is a real opportunity to “decide how we want to be in the new world – because it will indeed be a new world”.


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