What is the total wealth of Michael Hartono?

Total Price:$ 20 billion
Arising:2 October, 1939
country of origin:Indonesia
Sources of funds:Businessman
Last Updated:2020


Michael Hartono is a Chinese Indonesian billionaire heir and businessman. Michael and his brother Robert Buddy are the owners (clove cigarettes) of Krytek, which he inherited from his father Oi Wei Gawan upon his death in 1963.

As of 2020, Michael Hartono has total assets of approximately $ 20 billion.

early life

Michael Bambang Hartono was born on October 2, 1939 in Kudus, Central Java.

His father, Oi Wei Gawan, bought a small cretech cigarette factory named Jerum Gramophone 1951 and renamed it simply Mariam.

In 1963, however, the factory burned down and shortly after, Oi Wei died, leaving Michael and his younger brother Robert Buddy Hartono to inherit the factory.

The business

In 1972, the cigarette company grew between the two brothers, making their first exports and introducing new products. Today the cigarette brand is one of the largest market in Indonesia, with 19 percent market share in 2012.

As the cigarette business grew, the group began to expand into other areas, establishing Polytron, an electronics brand, in 1975. The group also expanded into businesses such as palm oil, papermaking and communications towers.

After making their debut in the banking business through Haag Bank and Hagakita Bank, the brothers took over 51.15% of Bank Central Asia in 2002 with Farallon Capital under the Mauritius-registered corporation Farindo Investments, despite lower offers from other bidders Defeated.

In addition to the above businesses, Djarum Group also controls several shopping malls and buildings in Jakarta including Grand Indonesia, Hotel Indonesia and BCA Tower.

His company is also active in Internet ventures, controlling the e-commerce website Blibli.com and Cascus, one of Indonesia’s largest online communities.

As of 2020, Michael Hartono has total assets of $ 20 billion.


Some of the best highlights of Michael Harton’s career are as follows:

  • Zarum’s boss with his brother Robert Buddy
  • Bank Central Asia (2002)
  • Djarum Group controls Shopping Mall, Grand Indonesia, Hotel Indonesia and BCA Tower.

Favorite Quotes from Hartono Family

“I don’t like playing golf. I like to stay on the treadmill to keep in shape. ” – Robert Buddy Hartono

“Never break anyone’s trust. Once you are done, no one wants to do business with you. ” – Robert Buddy Hartono

“I always appoint auditors to oversee businesses.” – Robert Buddy Hartono

“I don’t abstain from any special food. But I do not eat too much. ” – Robert Buddy Hartono

1 life lesson from the Hartono family

Now that you know about the total wealth of Michael Hartono and how he achieved success; Let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from his successful family:

1. Dare

Courage is about learning how to act in spite of fear, to drive your instincts or give in to anger created out of fear. Courage is about using your brain and heart when every cell in your body is screaming for you to fight or run away.


Michael Hartono is an Indonesian billionaire who has built a fortune based on various business interests.

Even though the Hartono brothers inherited the clove cigarette manufacturing company Jerum from their father, much of their wealth comes from Bank Central Asia, Indonesia’s largest private bank.

As of 2020, Michael Hartono has total assets of $ 20 billion.

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