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Metal Cabinets – The Workhorses Of The Cabinet World

There are many domestic situations where wooden wardrobes are not acceptable choices and wardrobes have been designed with these situations in mind. Metal furniture, for example, are ideal containers for garage workshops and garden tools. They are fantastic to use as a basement storage for all the accumulated items that the family does not use often, but it is not completely ready for disposal, such as the old VHS tapes and the old VCR or the still working computer which could be useful in case that the new one gets stuck.

Whenever a family makes a home reorganization project, the furniture can be very useful for storing items such as half-used paint cans that may be needed for touch-ups or toys that a child has passed but that a younger child is not enough. old enough to have fun. They are ideal for protecting important objects that could be threatened in a home fire and are perfect for use as office furniture.

Metal Cabinets
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Technareddi Metal cabinets

Technarredi SRl in Italy, is renowned for its metal sideboard and office design holder. Custody wardrobes are perfect for the contemporary office or library, available in three different heights, four different lengths and with hinged or sliding doors.

The doors are made of solid or perforated metal or tempered glass which allows users to determine the contents of the wardrobe at a glance. Custody wardrobes are made in various colors to complete any type of furniture.

Metal furniture is also a must for home workshops. There are furniture that includes dozens of individual containers, perfect for the home handyman to keep all his nails, washers, nuts and bolts and other small objects separate and easy to locate.

The wardrobes are available as wall-mounted, free-standing, and free-standing models, so finding a place for them is never a problem. They are much more suitable for unheated and uncooled environments like most garages because they do not contract and expand during temperature changes as wooden cabinets do. And they are easy to clean with a soft moistened cloth and a mild detergent, unlike wood which needs regular dusting and polishing.

Their weather resistance makes the metal cabinet the perfect units for storing the family’s outdoor equipment, whether it’s gardening tools and supplies, swimming pool chemicals, the family’s outdoor grill, and coal or propane tank. Regardless of where they are located, or how they are used, the storage location can efficiently serve your family for years!

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