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Metal and Wood Baby Furniture – Pros and Cons

Are you currently looking for children’s furniture and want to know the pros and cons of woods and metals? With so many choices out there, doing some research can really help you narrow down what is the best solution for your home. While so many metal and wood children’s furniture are beautiful, will they meet all the functions you have in mind for them? I hope this article can answer some of these questions for you and give you a clearer picture of what your needs and desires are for the nursery school of your dreams.

Pro’s of Wood:

* Style options! One of the obvious reasons why wood is a zealous choice is because of so many choices out there for styles and finishes! With crib brands like DaVinci, you can get anything from a light natural finish to a dark or black espresso and in between. Stanley’s Young America furniture takes the design one step further and has almost all the colors you can imagine such as pink, green, blue and purple. In the style section, each design is now available for wooden children’s furniture. Take any theme you have in mind and you will find wooden furniture to coordinate. Retro, modern, French, classic, traditional and much more!

* Functionality! In today’s crib market, you can buy a baby bed and make it last for the whole life of your baby. The DaVinci and Storkcraft brands offer transformable wooden cribs that can transform up to four different bed sizes. Most of the time there are additional parts that you will need, but which saves time and money to get a bed that your child can use for as long as he wants? Not only is it beneficial for the family, but it has a profound impact on the planet by helping with deforestation.

* Other storage selections. Choosing wood will increase storage options. Cabinets, chests of drawers and chests are not readily available in metals. DaVinci has a combo and dresser in almost any size that you can use as a changing table for the first few years, so you can simply take off the changing table and use it as a full-time dresser for your entire childhood.

Pro’s of Metal:

* High level elegance! Nobody can deny the fashion statement that an elegant metal crib makes in a nursery. Opulent sliding iron cribs like Corsica and Little Miss Liberty offer an incomparable refinement. In particular, metal cribs are now offered in different themes and colors. You can get bunnies, horses and tea endings with iron cribs that really tie a nursery theme.

* Durability. Of course, a metal crib will be more resistant than wood. If you are looking for a solid and simple crib that can work with many different themes, LA Baby has taken its industrial grade cribs that were once only available in professional places like hospitals and daycare centers and have opened them for parents. These cribs have sturdy hardware and focus on resistance against themes.

Con’s of Wood:

* Not as strong as metal. The wood is certainly durable or most of the furniture would not be made of wood, but compared to metal … metal will surely win. You always run the risk of scratching the paint and finishes more easily with wood. To ensure that wooden furniture retains its new appearance, you can get furniture markers that match the finish for when touch ups are needed.

Con’s of Metal:

* Selection. If you have a very elegant and old-style nursery in mind, getting a sumptuous iron crib will really be a scenario! But in addition to the old and the classic, you will find it difficult to find other styles in metal furniture. You will also struggle to find other metal children’s furniture that matches the theme of the cradle and nest. If you go with industrial design, you can get many colorful pieces that you can use for storage, but you won’t find metal children’s furniture in categories like full-size wardrobes and chests of drawers. You can combine wooden furniture with a metal cradle if you get furniture with matching metal knobs.

* Price These extravagant metal cribs can cost a nice penny! Their intricate designs and solid bezels are expensive to make and last only one phase. Many parents decide on iron cribs for the heirloom factor and subsequently buy furniture for older children and pass them down from generation to generation. Metal cribs are generally more of a sentimental investment than something you’ll buy for functionality and general versatility.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that both metal and wood have their positive and negative aspects! You need to determine what your desires and needs are and get what suits you best. Metal is a smart choice for sheer luxury and heirloom quality or as a contemporary industrial sleeping environment with incredible crib features. On the other hand, wood can be found in designs that are different and useful at any stage in your child’s life. They oppose the use, but will require little maintenance over the years. You can find wooden children’s furniture in any theme, price, style and color to create any nursery decor you have in mind.

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