37 Beautiful Mermaid Tattoos with Pictures

Mermaid Tattoos are popular with men and women nowadays. Mermaids are mythical and magical creatures. They are tales that have been passed on to us by our grandparents that originated from the concepts of sailors and have been part of the marine folklore. They were said to be half woman and half fish. They are said to be beautiful creatures living in the sea. Tales have been told that they use the power of their looks and sing beautiful songs to lure men. Other concepts state that they use their powers to get the ship closer to them and feed on humans. There have been reports that there were sightings of mermaids deep in the ocean. One documentary from Animal Planet claimed the evidence captured on their diving vessel is a mermaid. Whatever it is, every one of us surely wants to see a mermaid on our own naked eye.

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23. Mermaid with Bow and Arrow


A mermaid carrying a bow and arrow. If you notice the bow has shaped an anchor which really gives importance to the sea.

24. Mermaid Pondering  on the Rock


A mermaid princess pondering on a rock.

25. Mermaid with Colorful Hair

A mermaid with a long colorful hair and green tail.

26. Mermaid Portrait

A portrait tattoo of a beautiful mermaid. Her hair has pearls and seashells with visible scales. She has beautiful blue eyes, long lashes, and luscious lips.

27. Mermaid Shoulder Tattoo


A watercolor mermaid tattoo on the shoulders.

28. Skull Mermaid Tattoo


A unique mermaid tattoo. The head of the mermaid is a skull, but her body remains in human form and has additional fins on her colorful tail.

29. Mermaid with Seahorse Tattoo


A mermaid and a seahorse beautifully inked on a man’s arms.

30. Sleeve Mermaid Tattoo

An arm covered with the mermaid’s body and tail. The whole tattoo serves as a sleeve tattoo.

31.Mermaid Stomach Tattoo

A blue mermaid who’s trying to reach something or swimming in the water.

32. Young Mermaid Tattoo

A young mermaid playing with a wildflower seems like thinking deep and is sad.

33. Mermaid with a Trident


A mermaid with a long green tail, blue hair and holding a trident just like Zeus.

34. Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

A watercolor mermaid sitting on the rocks on her back.

35. Ariel Watercolor Tattoo


A beautiful watercolor tattoo of Ariel the Little Mermaid.

36. Mermaid Tattoo on Shoulder


A redhead mermaid tattoo on a shoulder. Red and orange are a good combination of color.

37. Ariel’s Red Flowing Hair

Ariel’s red flowing hair is catchy and beautiful.

We hope you like our list of beautiful mermaid tattoos. Most of it is inspired by Ariel, the little mermaid but you can always choose the design that you like. Mermaids are unique and a common trend for men and women today. Placements of your mermaid’s tattoos depend on you. You can choose what color you want to make it attractive, catchy, and a certified stand out!

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