2 Mehndi Designs Theme Practiced in India

Mehndi Designs Theme Practiced in India

Mehndi is one of the oldest and the most alive tradition that is popular all over the world and especially in India. Although many people often say that Mehndi is a tradition that is being followed only India. There are many evidences that still show that Mehndi is a tradition that is being followed in many other countries.

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Mehndi in the form of tattoo

There are countries that follow Mehndi in the form of tattoo and they are practicing it for several years.  Where both men and women are having it on different parts of their body. The most notable civilization that is more interested in applying tattoo all over the body is the Egyptian civilization. When we observe the ancient art forms of Egypt, it can be very well experienced. That they are very much fond of applying tattoo all over their body. Which is actually a type of the so called Mehndi that is very popular in India.

Interesting facts about Henna

Below listed table illustrate some of the interesting facts. Facts about Fashion Trends Tips and Henna are also known as Mehndi.

S.NoThings need to know about Mehndi Detailed Explanation
1Health FactorHenna one of the important ingredient for attaining beauty skin and hair. Even it is used for treating skin disorders.
2mehndi – Henna LeavesMehndi – obtained by henna leaves which contains red pigment involve chemical reaction with skin and provides reddish-brown color.
3Medical AspectsHenna or Mehndi – which act as a cooling agent during summer season. Apart from that it also a handy ingredient for treating diseases likes small pox, leprosy, solon cancer and few more.
4Purpose of placing Mehndi in Jewish and Muslim culture.It is widely believed that, having Mehndi will not only for decorative but also they are the perfect tool for preventing bride and groom from evil’s eye.
“wp-image-8335 size-full” title=”Mehndi Designs Theme Practiced in India” src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Mehndi-Designs-Theme-1.jpg” alt=”Mehndi Designs Theme Practiced in India” width=”600″ height=”442″ /> Mehndi Designs Theme Practiced in India
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Mixed culture

When we speak about the styles and different types of designs that are present in the Mehndi, the first and foremost category that comes into the mind of people in the abstract category. The advantage of this category is that it is mostly composed of the free curves and designs that eventually form a pattern when they are done completely. It is not a difficult task for most of the people to get practice with this tradition. There is no necessity to make any hard research to get practiced to it.

Arabia and Pakistan

It is one of the traditions that are being followed in Arabia and Pakistan. It is not a habit in these traditions to inscribe any type of figures or shapes in the Mehndi, so they simply go for general curves and designs and make it as a Mehndi design. It is now widely prevalent in India where both Muslims and Hindus are practicing this form very often in their designs.

Picture and theme based Mehndi

The freestyle Mehndi has many more designs and varieties, but the problem is that they will not impress people easily. The main reason why it is not popular is that of the fact that they are not able to be crafted into some specific shape or size. When something higher than this is required, the best choice will be the theme based Mehndi that often revolves around some scene.

Usually, they are based on characters of the religion where Hindus mostly go for Radha and Krishna in their designs and Muslims very often go for some of the characters of men and women in Mughal culture in the Mehndi designs. It is not limited to a specific area anymore as there are many more freestyles and designs now available in plenty of designs that many women are trying it out in the recent days.

It cannot be brought under a specific category anymore as they are the unique creativity of people. Only few examples can be found over the online websites as they will come in wide variety of designs as how people are thinking and creating.


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