Mehndi Designs for Kids 2020

Mehndi Designs for Kids 2020
Mehndi Designs for Kids 2020

Mehndi is undoubtedly an integral part of Indian festivities. Women of all ages, be it elderlies, middle-aged ones or even kids, everyone loves to adorn their hands with pretty and intricate mehndi designs. However, when it comes to kids, the mehndi application process is not at all easy. Kids are too clingy and messy! They do not have enough patience to sit through long hours of mehndi application process. This is why it is always best to keep their mehndi design as minimal and classy as possible. Try including more of traditional mehndi motifs such as flowers, dots, spirals, paisleys, and chakras in their mehndi designs. They are not only easy to make but also look great on those tiny hands.

In case, you are good at sketching and drawing, you can even decorate your munchkin’s hands with his or her favorite cartoon motif. Just trace down the caricature at the back of their hand and highlight it with bold strokes, patterns or maybe some glitter too. And that’s not all! There are so many other different and varied mehndi designs that you can try for your kid-Right from trendy and elegant haathphool designs, the elaborate mandalas to the all-time favorite floral trails.

So, if you are on a lookout for some beautiful mehndi designs for kids, your hunt ends here. Down here, we have enlisted 87+ latest mehndi designs for kids which will win your heart with their mesmerizing beauty. Whether you are searching for minimalistic patterns or full coverage designs, we’ve got them all equipped for you!

Mehndi Designs for Baby Girls

1. A basic heart design

Kids have a thing for hearts. So why not get their hands etched with this super cutesy mehndi design with a prominent heart motif in the middle and some edgy strokes outlining it?

2. Florals with dangling chains

This minimalistic yet beautiful mehndi design with flowers is definitely the best one for your kids. It looks super cute on those baby hands and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

3. Simple & Elegant

An oh-so-adorable foot mehndi design for baby girls with a neat floral motif in the center and those henna dotted fingers.

4. It’s all about trails

A graceful leafy trail design with curvy patterns and flowers to deck up your little one’s feet. We love how this design is neither too elaborate nor too minimal.

5. Paisleys, dots and everything cute!

Here’s yet another latest mehndi design for baby girls. It has got florals, paisleys, adjacent swirls, pearl-like dots, and some fancy line details.

6. Haathphool patterned design

While attending a wedding, if you don’t want to clad your little ones’ hands with those troublesome heavy jewels or bangles, then you can probably get their hands adorned with a stunning haathphool mehndi design like this. Those huge flowers, dotted chain details, and the web-like pattern look too attractive.

7. A basic flower-like pattern

For those small baby hands, a minimalistic floral mehndi design detailed with dots and some droplets can do the trick. And this edgy back mehndi design is just that! Also, we all know how infants have this habit of fidgeting their hands, so it is always better to opt for minimal mehndi patterns over the elaborated ones.

8. An uber cute rhino

How about getting your little ones’ favorite caricature etched on their hands? Believe us, they’ll love it. Especially when it is as cute as this little rhino, they won’t be able to say no and might even be more careful about not getting it spoiled.

9. Flowers and Leaves-The perfect combo!

Looking for some beautiful kids mehndi designs for a marriage party? Try this striking mehndi design with Arabic rose motifs with leafy extensions and some swirling patterns. It can make for a perfect choice for both hands and feet.

10. A full coverage design

This one’s a must try. We love how this design has everything pretty-right from huge floral motifs, swirly patterns to checkers with dotted details.

11. Something Unique!

If you are bored of those same mandalas and paisley mehndi designs for kids, you’ve gotta see this unique back-mehndi design that is every bit unique. It’s a breathtaking tree-like pattern made with edgy swirls that look like branches of a tree.

12. That flower with a SpongeBob face!

A hint of cuteness is all you need to add to your kid’s mehndi design to make it stand out from the rest. Which is why we’ve got you this pretty floral mehndi design that has a SpongeBob caricature in it. Isn’t it too cute?

13. A diagonal floral trail

We can’t stop obsessing over this super chic floral trail mehndi design for kids. It looks so neat and tidy with all that spacing. If you wish you can even get it extended till your munchkin’s index finger to make it look like a perfect trail.

14. A gorgeous smiley chakra

Ever seen a mehndi design as cute as this smiley chakra patterned one? Well, we haven’t either. It’s indeed one creative design. And those henna smileys look more like tattoos accompanied with concentric circles, scallops and dotted lines.

15. Modern trail

Yet another trail mehndi design for kids that has sharp and edgy rose motifs, swirl patterns, and dotted lines.

16. A huge peacock motif

Comprising of curvy lines, pearl-like drops, and dotted strokes, this elaborate peacock mehndi design looks too pretty and stylish. It looks like a complex design but is very easy to make. Just adjoin a few paisleys, fill them with beautiful strokes and your design is ready.

17. A half-spread backhand design

A contemporary peacock mehendi design gorgeously done with multiple semi-circle detailing, dotted lines and a diagonally spread leafy feathered pattern. It’s an ideal mehndi design for kids.

18. Swirly trails for the win!

Another simple and fancy mehndi design that you can pick for your kids without second thoughts is this creeper Arabic trail design detailed with shaded florals, elegant dots and edgy swirls. It’s extremely beautiful and one can never go wrong with it.

19. Diagonal owl motif trail

This unique mehndi design seems to be inspired by one of those bedtime stories you read to your kids. The curvy trail resembles the branch of a tree adorned with delicate leafy details and some fine dotted patterns. However, the highlight of this design is definitely the owl in the center.

20. Easy-peasy trail mehndi design

This Arabic mehndi trail is different from those regular diagonal patterned trail mehndi designs. It is super easy to make and can be done in no time. All you’ve gotta do is make a swirling trail connecting from the baby finger to the back of the hand and add a few floral and dotted lines to give it a finished look. However, keep this in mind that you don’t go overboard with too many elements as it may kill the essence of this simple mehndi design.

21. Bold and beautiful

Kids are just as sweet and innocent as those blooming flowers in your garden. Hence, to match with your baby girl’s innocence, there’s nothing better than this mini floral trail. The design starts from the tip of the index finger and extends to the palm. It features a huge floral motif with bold strokes at the centre of the hand.

22. Delightful paisleys and flowers

Turn your baby girl’s little hands into a perfect canvas and decorate it with one such beautiful mehndi design. It features a double layered floral motif at the back of the hand with paisleys extending out of it from either of the sides. We love how it is further highlighted with those simple dotted lines on the fingers.

23. A back mehendi design so pretty!

While hunting for some latest mehndi designs for baby girls, we got our hands on this exceptionally feminine floral trail that is worth a thousand likes. It is neat and has got intricate detailing in it. While the tips of the fingers are adorned with spiral-like patterns, the center of the hand has got three adjoining flowers extending till the tip of the index finger. Isn’t it too pretty?

24. Neat design with leafy & flowery motifs

Flowers can never be overdone when it comes to mehndi designs. And knowing the fact that kids love flowers more than anything else, you have to have them in their mehndi design. Which is why we’ve got you yet another floral mehndi design to paint your little ones’ hands with. This design features a flaunt-worthy flower motif enhanced with leafy detailing at the back of the hand.

25. The one with thinner strokes

Adorn those small hands with a minimal pattern like this. It features a diagonal arrow-like trail, edgy flower motifs, paisleys and some coil like patterns on the tips of the fingers. What further adds more grace to this design are the thin strokes coupled with the dotted pattern here and there.

26. Elegant Fish tattoo design

If you know that your girl is impatient and won’t be able to sit down for hours to get a relatively heavier coverage design, try something as minimal and stylish as this fish henna tattoo design. It is simple yet so attractive. Also, the intricacy with which it is done is even better than a legit tattoo.

27. A combination of edgy motifs

An easy and mesmerizing mehndi design with a lot of elements such as curvy lines, spirals, lotus motifs, and leafy creepers incorporated in it. Since this design is easy to draw, you can encourage your little munchkin to make it for herself and be her creative best.

28. A full coverage design

Full coverage mehndi designs always make for a great option. But when it comes to kids, you’ve gotta be sure whether they are patient enough to sit through the mehndi application process or not. In case, your baby girl is, you can try this breathtaking design on her palms. The design features hearts, swirls, flowers and all things pretty. It also has a checkered band at the wrist that looks so elegant.

29. Butterfly mehndi design

Girls love everything that’s glittery and cutesy. So, why not include a hint of both in their mehndi design? Here’s one striking butterfly henna tattoo design that is undoubtedly graceful and doesn’t even require those extra skills. Just draw a small butterfly at the back of the hand and sprinkle it with some glitter and you are done.

30. A basic two-line trail

This unique two-line mehndi trail design features uneven strokes, flower motifs, curvy lines and some petal-like details on the tips of the fingers.

31. A lacy glove-like pattern

This edgy mehndi design looks like a lacy glove hand accessory. It features a sharp floral motif amid a fancy scalloped leaf-like pattern and other prominent detailings, combining altogether to make for a beautiful mehndi design for kids.

32. A captivating trail extending from the middle finger

Such different and quirky mehndi design with a multiple-paisleys trail extending from the tip of the middle finger and semi-circular motifs! The interest spaces and peacock patterned band on the wrist enhance this design’s beauty quotient.

33. Half and Half

This half & half mehendi design for kids with one side of the hand fully covered with bold strokes and leafy patterns, while the other one minimally done with dotted flowers is so damn gorgeous. It looks like a complicated mehndi design but is super easy to do.

34. Trendy chakras

If your baby girl is a true fashionista just like you, you’ve gotta get her trying this oh-so-modish mehndi design. It features a stunning floral chakra motif with edgy pearl-like patterns at the center of the back of the hand. While the fingers are done with prettily coiled ring-like detailings.

35. All about swirls

A swirly mehndi design for your tiny tots which is undoubtedly simple but also redefines elegance. If you wish you can ask your daughter to try this one by herself and decorate the hands in the most simple manner ever.

36. Go the half-trail way

This minimalistic and easy mehendi design with identical pearl-like droppings on all fingers and a sleek trailing pattern at the center of the back of the hand is worth gushing over.

37. A visually appealing design

Elaborate and attractive, your kids will definitely love this mehndi design. It has a relatively fuller coverage than those regular trail patterns. And the best part is that it doesn’t look too cluttered and has enough empty spaces.

38. Hearts, hearts & some more hearts!

This hearty back hand mehndi design is best-suited for your baby girl’s little hands. It is effortless yet so stunning.

39. A dazzling full-coverage design

Composed with the evergreen traditional mehndi motifs like swirls, scallops, checkers, hearts and some dots, this full-coverage mehndi design is simply alluring and a perfect pick for your kids.

40. A hearty affair!

We just can’t stop obsessing over this artsy mehndi design that features a breathtaking heart motif in the middle of the palm and another one at the wrist. Also, we love how smartly the tips of the fingers are filled with henna accompanied by some edgy patterns below it.

41. So cute!

This adorable bee and floral motif mehndi design is not only pretty but also very quick to draw on your baby girl’s hands. Its simplicity and elegance is sure to tug at your munchkin’s heart.

42. Attractive florals and trails

An enchanting backhand trail design with florals, leaves and some delicate dotted patterns covering the back of the hand.

43. A steal-worthy bel

This beauteous bel is a perfect amalgamation of dainty dots, elegant paisleys, blooming florals, and some curvy strokes.

44. Oh-so-Gorgeous!

Your kid is sure to love this charming trail mehndi design that has got such pleasing floral motifs and spiral-like lines.

45. A winsome mandala design

Mandalas are a quintessential part of traditional mehndi designs and can instantly enhance the look of your hands. This one outlined with petal-like details accompanied with henna fingertips looks too fancy and is a sure shot win when designed on your little one’s hands.

46. A contemporary play of flowers and paisleys

A comparatively simplistic mehendi design highlighted with a central floral motif, tiny leaves, shaded paisleys, and some twirling lines.

47. Edgy and sharp

There’s something special about simple and sleek trails. They can give that perfect edge to those baby hands. Especially when it is as pretty as this one with sharp floral and creeper details, you just can’t let go of it.

48. A gripping design for your kids

Hearty patterns, empty spaces and the simplicity of this design is what makes this design look so appealing!

49. A flaunt-worthy pattern

If your darling daughter is too fond of mehndi and is patient enough to get her hands laden with a detailed design, ditch everything and try this mehndi design with neat and fine strokes. It has got everything-right from florals, traditional bels, pearl-like drops to scallops and other lacey patterns.

50. Yet another basic foot design!

A minimal foot mehndi design for kids that is so captivating.


Easy Mehndi Designs for kids

1. Beautiful flowers and twinkling stars

A delightful backhand mehndi design for kids with winsome florals and scattered stars. It is simple and doable.

2. An effortless trail pattern

This bewitching trail mehndi design is surely gonna be your kid’s favorite pick. Those sharp strokes and empty spaces make it appear every bit pretty.

3. A simple single line backhand design for kids

Looking for a unique mehendi design for your kid that can be done within a few minutes? How about this dainty one extending from the index finger to adjoin a catchy double-layered motif at the center of the hand?

4. Flowers never go out of fashion!

When you can’t decide of anything else, get your kid’s hands etched with a stupendous floral pattern like this. It is easy to make and doesn’t require too much creativity on your part. But when you are at it, make it a point that you are in no hurry and go step by step.

5. For the love of half-moons and stars!

Kids can never get bored of cutesy stuff. Which is why we’ve got this beautiful mehndi design for your baby girl. It features an elaborate half-moon pattern done with dots and some curvy lines. Also, not to forget the adorable star motif that is enhancing this easy mehndi design even more.

6. Enchanting Arabic florals

Bels with flowers are the best kind of mehndi design for kids. They aren’t too extensive yet so eye-pleasing.

7. Fresh and Classy

This backhand mehndi design that features a dual flower motif bracelet and edgy ring-like patterns on the fingers is a breath of fresh air. Show it to your kid and get set go with it!

8. A magical half heart pattern

Here’s yet another latest mehndi design for kids. It features an offbeat half-heart pattern with stunning petal-like motifs, all topped with a hint of sparkle.

9. Packed with prettiness

This simple backhand mehendi design is so gorgeously made. We love how the multi-layered flower in the middle is enhanced with elegant paisleys on either of the sides, making it look like a full-fledged trail design.

10. Minimal bracelet pattern

The ‘less is more’ mantra works wonders everywhere. So, ditch those full-coverage designs and opt for a chic and simplistic one like this for your kid. It is so edgy and can be made easily without any expertise.

11. A basic circular design with intricate fingertips

For your kids, you can always stick to simple and minimalistic mehndi designs. This one with a sun-like motif in the middle of the hand and well-detailed fingertips can be a great option.

12. A floral trail for foot

Who says trails can only be incorporated in hand mehndi designs? They can very well be designed on your kid’s foot and that too with all those floral and swirling patterns.

13. A svelte henna tattoo design for kids

A yet another simple floral tattoo design for your tiny tots. It is perfect for those sweet and innocent hands.

14. A drool-worthy hearty trail

A pretty backhand design for your munchkin composed of a voluminous heart-shaped pattern in the middle and some more tiny hearts with dotted details.

15. Hearts & Swirls

Here’s one more heart tattoo design that you can decorate your kid’s hands with. It is super easy to draw and your kid will like it for sure.

16. All about Glitz & Glam!

Why go basic when your kid can go the shimmer way with his or her mehndi design? Take some inspiration from this glittery backhand mehndi design and get his or her hands laden with it. Those star motifs are so fancy!

17. The dotted pattern

If you are looking for a super easy and super quick mehndi design for your kid, there’s none like this one done with tiny dots.

18. A beautiful backhand design

Such a remarkable backhand mehndi design festooned with a gorgeous half-floral motif and some intricate details on the fingers.

19. A floral hathphool design

This simple and classy mehndi design resembles a dainty floral hand accessory. We love how these prominent rose motifs are adding a wow factor to this mehndi design.

20. A neat floral mandala

A floral mandala designed with intricacy and accompanied with some simplistic patterns for the fingertips.

21. A pretty star tattoo design

This edgy henna tattoo done in the shape of a star is yet another great option for kids.

22. Super edgy turtle design

We can’t stop obsessing over this unique turtle shaped mehndi design gorgeously decorated with dainty dots, circular strokes, and heart in the middle. You can probably draw it at your little one’s arm.

23. Noteworthy trail design for feet

Kids are also fond of getting their feet laden with mehndi. Which is why we’ve got you yet another trail design that is undeniably gorgeous.

24. It’s in the details!

More than anything else, it is the details of the mehndi design that matter the most. So, try including some intricate details like these in your kid’s mehndi design.

25. An unmissable design

Simple, elegant and attractive are words that best describe this minimal mehndi design. Swirls, concentric circles, curvy lines, and dots were all incorporated in this design to make it look so appealing.

26. A not-so-usual backhand design

A backhand design with an uncommon half-mandala pattern embellished with dainty dots.

27. Another swirling hathphool pattern

One of the most beautiful mehndi designs for kids is this elegant hathphool. It features a beautiful inverted V-shaped wristband. However, the highlight of the design is definitely the delightful floral trail pattern adjoining it.

28. A beauteous butterfly design for kids

This elaborate butterfly backhand mehndi design is undoubtedly gorgeous.

29. Super Elegant!

Mandalas and chakras have always been the go-to option for pretty backhand mehndi designs. And this minimal one with intriguing details is sure to grab some special attention.

30. An adorable Mickey Mouse motif

Is your little one an ardent lover of Mickey Mouse? Then this cutesy Mickey Mouse motif mehndi design is definitely the one for him/her!

31. Quintessential hearts and chakras

Chakras and hearts always make for a perfect mehndi design, not just for adults but kids too.

32. Yet another cartoon motif

Cartoons are an all-time favorite for kids. So why not include them in their mehndi design? Isn’t this mini tiger cub mehndi design too pretty?

33. Simple & chic

An elegant and contemporary floral trail mehndi design for kids.

34. A Cute Superman Tattoo

How about a superman stamp-like mehndi design for the back of your little one’s hands?

35. An elegant mandala and ring pattern

Want to try something different? Go for this breathtaking mandala pattern connected with a statement coil-like pattern adorning the middle finger.

36. An extremely simple chakra design

One such simple mehndi design that can be easily applied to your kid’s hands.

37. Ring and mandala combo

Mehendi laden on one finger which is further connected to a circular pattern on the backside of palm.

Now, that was one comprehensive list! We hope you found the list useful and bookmarked some of the best mehndi designs for your kid. Also, don’t forget to tell us your favorite one in the comments!

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