Mehndi Design 2018: Easy Henna designs: Easy Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design 2018 along with trending easy henna designs for cute ladies. Do I have to say explicitly that mehndi designs are extremely popular in India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries? I strive I don’t have to say that because almost all know about these mehndi & henna design craze in Asian countries.

To be specific, these henna designs are immensely popular among the ladies in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. However, this craze isn’t particular at these places you can see this trend going on in western nations as well. But, the only difference is that they call them temporary tattoos.

Mehndi design 2018
Mehndi design 2018

What henna can do?

Usually, henna isn’t only applied to make your hand look trendy, but it is also a powerful medicinal herb that helps in preventing different kinds of stress. When we go to weddings or function, we often see almost all women keeping henna designs for their hands and legs. Some people follow this for the style, but the other reason to keep this mehndi is to relieve stress.

henna designs 2018
henna designs 2018

After saying this most of you might be in a shock because you haven’t heard about mehndi relieving stress. But, it can prevent too much stress. As you apply henna design it helps you to cool your body, and it will keep your nerves from becoming tense. As a result, your stress levels will come down to some extent. Along with that, mehndi is also an antiseptic agent that helps you to protect from viral diseases.

Simple henna designs

With all these valid points women always like to use these simple henna designs for wedding ceremonies and other kinds of traditional parties. So, they are still searching for new and trending henna designs in 2018. If you are the one who is searching for the best 2018 mehndi designs then here is an article that shows you 30 easy & straightforward in 2018 which you can use of in functions to get the attractive look.

mehndi designs 2018
Easy 2018 mehndi designs”>mehndi designs

What you’ll see in this list?

Today, for all the beautiful ladies over there we are producing this latest blog post on easy henna designs of 2018. In this list, we have taken proper care of filtering each mehndi design according to the trend and popularity. As we know every woman wants to keep henna designs for every function, so we’ve compiled this impressive list.

In this article, I’ve included all the beautiful and breathtaking mehndi design such as Arabic henna designs, floral, bridal and other favorite henna designs which are currently trending in 2018.


let’s get into the list of best henna design

  1. An intriguing pattern with prominent empty space
intriguing pattern
intriguing pattern
  1. A breathtakingly beautiful design
breathtakingly beautiful design
breathtakingly beautiful design
  1. Bold and beautiful
Bold and beautiful
Bold and beautiful
  1. Checks and peppy paisleys
Checks and peppy paisleys
Checks and peppy paisleys
  1. Lacy Gloves

Lacy Gloves
Lacy Gloves

Mehndi design 2018 latest images download

  1. The Arabian appeal


New mehndi design for girls

New mehndi design

Arabic mehandi designs 2018

Simple easy henna designs

Designer mehendi designs

Simple and grand mehandi designs

Cute easy henna designs

This Moroccan design consists of squares, rectangles, and triangles which are causally merged to make an art of Moroccan. These mehendhi designs are having lots of patterns, and you can just try different aspects of geometric figures in this art. This trendy Moroccan henna design can be applied to the hands, legs, shoulder, back, and neck. If you can draw squares, rectangles and other aspects correctly then you can manage to draw this Moroccan mehndi design. This is one of the lately found trends in mehendhi designs in 2018.

  1. Indian Mehndi design:

Indian mehendhi designs is another design which is easy to draw and attractive enough to grab anyone’s attention. Although there are lots of models in Indian mehandhis designs you quickly pick one and start using them. You can quickly find the best mehndi design in the below list.

Indian mehndi designs
Indian henna designs
  1. Bangle style henna Mehndi design:

Bangle style henna designs are never forgotten henna designs which are having a good decent craze. Its craze is increasing rapidly in the past few years and guesses what it has been reached one of the latest and best mehndhi designs in 2018. As we are searching for easy and simple mehndhi designs, it can be an ideal fit for you. Although it is difficult at the start of designing you’ll get used to it very sooner.

Bangle style henna designs
Bangle style henna designs

Simple mehndi design 2018

In these types of mehndi arts, you can see a unique style around your wrist. It reminds you of the best Arabic mehndi design, and it can make a  lovely design pattern around your wrist to give it a beautiful look. To add more grace to the model you can even use stones around it. These will fit perfectly in this mehndi design.

Bangle style henna designs
Bangle style henna designs 2018

Arabic mehndi design 2018 latest images

These types of mehndhi designs are mostly used in cocktail parties or any other destination weddings. This is thus far the litter mehndi design with more gaps, and also it is an attractive art that can grab anyone’s attention. Apart from that, it is effortless to design this type of mehndi arts.

  1. The lace glove:

Thinking about the latest mehndi design then have a look at the lacy design. This is a unique design on the wrist, and you can see it pass through the back of the hand, and it is the unique and latest pattern. The lace glove is very intricate, and it creates an illusion while anyone sees this beautiful design.

This is one of the latest trends. The Lace glove design comes with a petal pattern, and it will create a glove look. The color of this mehndi design is different when compared to the other mehndi designs. You have to draw the ideal length to get some unique link.

Mehndi design easy and beautiful

Lace Glove Henna Design
Lace Glove Henna Design
  1. Minimalist Mehendi pattern:

If you want to have some fun with minimalist henna designs, then you can opt for these best and easy henna designs in 2018. Minimalist is one of the simple and henna designs, and it is entirely different than another mehndi pattern.  

As this design is not too big, it can be quickly applied for on your wrist, neck, hands, or so on. This is another simple design which is having lots of empty spaces. In the minimalist, you have entirely different styles. In that selection, the best one and this is also best for people who don’t have enough mehndi skills.

  1. Simple Pakistani Henna design pattern:

Coming to the Pakistani henna design, you will always find beautiful swirls that merely pass through the hand of the bride. This Pakistani mehndi looks very elegant, and it is entirely different from the Arabic and Indian mehndhi designs.  In Pakistani design, you can find the swirls all along with the hand without empty spaces in hands or legs. These are attractive and mostly used in the wedding ceremonies.

Pakistani henna design
Pakistani henna design
  1. Arabic mehandhi designs:

Well,  when we are talking about the mehandhi designs, apparently we should speak about Arabic designs. These fabulous Arabic designs are often a great example of the best floral motifs designs. These are merely awesome designs which are elegant and prominent in its body form. Thousands of people love these Arabic designs. Now, as you want to improve your mehndi art, then you can start with the basics after your basics have done you can get better in design.

Mehndi designs latest

Arabic mehndi designs
Arabic mehendhi designs 2018
  1. Floral Mehendhi designs:

Floral mahndhi designs are the other design which is fantastic to have a glance at. In this floral designs, you will find round and floral mehndi arts. This is perfect for young people who are enthusiasts. If you practice, these floral mehndi arts correctly means you can quickly draw any time.  These are the few designs that are impressive in the floral mahndhi designs.

Latest mehndi design 2019

Floral mehndi designs
Floral megandhi designs 2018
  1. Breathtaking foot megandhi designs:

Foot megandhi designs are harder than ordinary henna designs. But this is the best area to decorate a girl in traditional functions. These foot mehendhi designs are phenomenal, and they will naturally improve the look of your beautiful feet. You can see lots of collections on the breathtaking foot mehanddi designs or henna designs as well.

30 latest bridal mehndi designs of 2018

In the array of pre-wedding functions, if there is something that the bride and her tribe enjoy the most, it is the Mehndi. While prepping for Mehndi includes everything from arranging floral jewellery, selecting the outfit and having a cute photo booth with props, the most important element is choosing a good mehndi design for your big day. When it comes to henna designs, brides have their own preferences. Some like a simple mehndi design, while others want to go all out with an intricate bridal mehendi design. Whatever may be your liking when it comes to mehandi designs, we have you covered with our top 50 mehandi design images that we spotted on real brides.

This list of mehandi designs includes everything from glitter henna to the very popular Arabic mehndi design that is loved mostly by the friends, aunts and cousins of the ladkiwale! Scroll through and pin all those designs that you want to show your mehndi artist for your wedding day. Bridesmaids and other rishtedaar too can check out these henna designs as there are lot of pics with minimal mehendi design too!

  1. Lotus motif mehndi with some personalisation

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Divya

Did you notice the skyline of two cities on this bride’s forearm? Such a cool idea for personalising your bridal mehndi design, right? Also, the lotus motifs throughout this henna design are so amazing!

  1. The classic Indian Mehndi design

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Divya

Image : Mehndi Artist: Anjali Henna

Full of floral, leaf and paisley motifs, such kind of Indian mehndi designs never go out of style. They are traditional, intricate and beautiful all at once.

  1. A full hand mehndi design for the traditional bride

Have you always dreamt of having your hands painted with henna till the elbows for your wedding? Well, if you have, then this kind of intricate full hand mehndi design is just for you. Get yourself a stunning nail art like this bride to match you traditional Indian mehndi and revel in the compliments you receive!

  1. The traditional dulha dulhan mehndi design

This traditional dulha dulhan mehndi design has been around for ages, and for all the right reasons. It is traditional, full of beautiful motifs and intricate enough to give you a bridal mehndi kind of feeling!

  1. Floral mehndi design that’s just too beautiful

Image : Vision One Studios

Beautiful vines of floral design woven across this hand mehndi! What’s not to love?

  1. Intricate paisley motifs henna design

Paisley, hearts, flowers and leaf vines are never going out of style for bridal henna designs, and for all obvious reasons. They have this amazing bridal look that other mehndi designs don’t.

  1. Flower power mehndi design for the chirpy & bubbly bride

This bridal mehndi design is all about flower power. The beautiful floral motifs of roses, lotus, leaves and vines make this mehandi design a perfect floral package!

  1. A spin on the classic dulha dulhan mehndi design

I, for one, am totally loving how this mehendi design has been personalised by the bride to replicate the first date with her hubby-to-be! And the dancing dulha dulhan mehndi figures on her forearm; my gosh, I’m sold!

  1. Full of paisley. Full of beauty!

This mehndi style is definitely for the bride who doesn’t mind an overdose of the staple Indian mehndi motif of paisley!

  1. Taking intricate bridal mehndi design to a whole new level

This of hand-down one of the best intricate bridal mehndi designs of 2018. The elaborate mesh motifs and minimal floral pattern makes this top the list of bridal mehndi designs for full hands.

  1. These Varmala mehndi figures are just too cute!

Image : Studio Finesse

The varmala ceremony captured in a beautiful mehndi design! How cool is that?

  1. A leg mehndi design that’s oh-so-gorgeous!

Image : Karan Sidhu Photography

An intricate leg mehndi design with all the motifs of a traditional Indian bridal mehendi!

  1. A simple mehendi design for the fuss-free bride

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Pallavi

Image : Mehndi Artist: Anjali Henna

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna Lounge

For brides who like to keep it minimal, this is one of the best and simple bridal mehndi designs to take inspiration from!

  1. Simple round mehndi design

: JSK Photography

A simple mehndi design that’s not too cluttered is perfect for the bride who wants to add some drama to her henna design, but doesn’t want to go too overboard!

  1. Intricate bridal mehndi design that has me totally heart-eyed!

If this is not a work of art, I don’t know what is! Just look at this beautiful bridal mehndi for full hands and legs that’s as intricate as it gets. The stunning jali-style work with dulha dulhan figures, paisley and floral motifs is totally #bridalhennagoals!

  1. A fine mix of all Indian mehndi motifs

Image : Candid Wedding Stories

If you the bride who wants the best of every mehndi motif, then a bridal henna design like this one is your best bet. It has everything from lotus and leaves to beautiful jali work floral design.

  1. The Peacock mehndi design

Image : Candid Wedding Stories

This leg mehndi design is so stunning and neatly made that all I can say is WOW! The gorgeous peacock motifs along with the lotus design all over makes it the perfect Indian mehndi design for brides!

  1. The sindoor ceremony captured in a beautiful bridal mehndi

Image : Candid Wedding Stories

These mehndi figures of the dulha putting sindoor in the dulhan’s head is totally cute. If you are a lover of mehndi designs with bride and groom figures, then its perfect to opt for figures performing traditional wedding rituals like pheras or varmala rather than just dulha-dulhan portraits.

  1. Yet another masterpiece of intricate mehndi design

Image : Studio Nine Photography

Just beautiful geometric lines of heena and curves of paisley running across the arms for this bride.

  1. Stunning henna art for the back of your hands

Image : Mehndi Artist: Hussain Maaz

If you are looking for bridal mehndi designs for full hands front and back, then this beautiful design right here is a great inspiration for the backside of your hands. It is intricate and has all the motifs of an Indian mehndi.

  1. Personalised mehndi for those who like it quirky!

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Divya

I’m literally bowled over too with the creativity of this henna design. This kind of wedding mehndi is the latest trend among brides who love to add a personal touch to their bridal henna.

  1. Floral mehndi design with a small personal touch

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Divya

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Pallavi

While both these brides kept their love for floral motifs intact, they added a hint of personalisation to their bridal henna by adding coffee cups and Audi symbol and wedding date respectively! You too can add a small element of something you like in your wedding mehndi to make it special.

  1. Minimal leg mehndi design with string motifs

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Divya

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Pallavi

A simple round mehndi design with accents of beaded string motifs looks truly stunning on this bride’s feet. If you prefer a simple yet gorgeous look for your feet mehndi, then this one is a great design to take inspiration from.

  1. Leafy design for brides who love nature motifs

For nature loving brides, this mehndi design with leaves and flower motifs that form a lovely net pattern is just perfect!

  1. Yet another personalised henna art

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Pallavi

This bride has added a personal touch to her wedding mehndi by adding a cute motif of the Golden Gate Bridge and writing the word LOVE! I’m guessing she and her hubby-to-be fell in love at the bridge? ? If you are a fan of personalised henna too, you can try something cool like this to tell your love story with your bridal mehndi.

  1. Taj Mahal mehndi for as the eternal symbol of love

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Pallavi

As a mark of their eternal love, this bride decided to make a design of the ultimate symbol of love: The Taj Mahal. She also added her name as opposed to just the hubby’s name! Way to break the rules, girl!

  1. The classic Rajasthani mehndi design

Replete with peacock motifs and beautiful paisley patterns, this rajasthani mehndi design is for brides who love to have a hand full of henna art on their wedding day.

  1. The god portrait mehndi design

Image : Mehndi Artist: Yash Mehandi

For brides who want to include images of gods or goddesses in their bridal mehandi, such designs are the perfect inspiration!

  1. Glitter Mehndi for the fun and lively bridesmaids

Image : Mehndi Artist: Anjali Henna

If your bestie or sister is getting married and you want to try something hatke, then these beautiful glitter mehndi designs are perfect for inspiration. They look different and all the bride’s BFF’s can get this one for everyone to spot the bride tribe!

  1. White mehndi for the most experimental bride of all

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Divya

Image : Mehndi Artist: Henna by Divya

If you’re feisty enough to try the white henna trend, then by all means go ahead and check out these beautiful white mehndi designs for your inspiration! This one is perfect for the bridesmaids to stand out too!

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