14 Mehandi Design for weddings and special occasion

Mehandi Design for weddings and special occasion

Mehandi Design for weddings: Weddings and mehendi functions always go hand in hand. The history of mehendi or henna in India is as old as the Mughal era, which is around 12th century AD. The beautiful mehendi designs are applied in the hands and legs of the bride and other ladies of the family during weddings. This ritual is called as mehendi function and it is an integral part of a wedding in India. Be it any religion, mehendi function in some way or the other has become an inseparable ceremony of an Indian wedding.

Simple Mehndi Designs

The dream of a would-be bride and her family of hosting a grand wedding is never complete without a mehendi and sangeet ceremony. In fact, mehendi and sangeet ceremonies are hosted as grand pre-wedding extravaganza in most weddings.Mehendi in big fat Indian wedding

Though women love to apply mehendi on their hands for any special occasion, applying the same for a wedding is exceptional. The speculation of how colourful the henna will turn is something that keeps the bride quite excited. It is a common belief here that the darker the colour of henna, the more love the bride gets from her husband and in-laws.

Mehandi Designs
14 Mehandi Design for weddings and special occasion 1

However, along with enhancing the beauty of the bride, henna has another important benefit. The medicinal power of henna can reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the wedding preparations, thereby making the bride calm and relax.

In many communities, even the bridegroom applies a little mehendi on his hands. So in such cases, the groom’s side also hosts a mehendi function.

Types of Mehendi design hand

The beauty of mehendi designs for brides comes forth is many different forms roughly distinguished as below:

  • Indian mehendi hand designs: these mostly constitutes complex patterns of flowers, birds and different curves and curls. These are mostly batik designs which doesn’t leave much space in between.
  • Arabic mehendi hand designs: these are dense patterns with lovely thick outline, which are than filled with unique patterns. These are simple designs where they use wines, flowers and leaves as patterns.
  • Indo-Arabic mehendi hand designs: the combination of Indian and Arabic designs are again delicate styles. They have the old-world patterns of India combined with bold Arabic outlines.
  • Moroccan mehendi hand designs: being a part of the Middle East, the Moroccan designs are more geometric in nature rather than flowery.
  • Glitter and shimmer designs highlighted with sparkles. This is a new trend in mehendi designs, being favoured by the fashion forwards.

When it comes to applying henna in the hands and legs of an Indian bride, they mostly like to fill the complete hands with beautiful motifs and patterns. It can be floral or some delicate Indian pattern and so on.

The Indian bridal designs are popularly used for weddings in India. However, many brides also like to experiment with Indo-Arabic patterns with shimmer to give it a unique look. These designs cover the hands and legs of the bride, thereby making them stunningly beautiful.

Changing trends: mehendi ritual

The changing trends of weddings have bought many interesting changes in the mehendi ceremonies too.

  • Until a decade or so mehendi functions used to be a small family affair. But now, it has transformed into a grand celebration with people spending lavishly.
  • The function is almost always accompanied with music and feasting with hundreds of guests thronging in.
  • Family members prepare for it since days and celebrate this occasion with fun and fervour. This is one not to be missed rituals of a wedding.

Incredible ways of using mehendi

Traditionally mehendi was used to beautify the hands and legs of women. But with the changing trends the use of mehendi has also seen many changes.

  • In the present scenario mehendi is no longer restricted to embellish your hands and feets. Women find many amusing ways to use henna like getting them tattooed in their neck, back and waist.
  • Mehendi tattoo designs look amazing with traditional Indian wear like low-cut choli or lehenga.
  • Mehendi designs can also be used to décor the wedding invitations and other decorative items.
  • These designs can serve as dress code for friends and siblings if they apply a common mehendi pattern on their hands.

Mehendi designs: means of livelihood

Above all, the mehendi ritual of Indian weddings has worked out very well for many mehendi artists. These artists have gained fame as well as money by practising this art. The better the design, the more they earn.

The mehendi designs somehow seems to have great influence on the tattoo industry and its artists as well.

Mehendi rituals: on celluloid

Mehendi rituals has also become an integral part of the world of entertainment in India. You will find a mehendi song and dance sequence in every such movie that depicts an Indian wedding in detail. And people love to experience it on the celluloid.

Even the small screen or television industry is not aloof from this beautiful facet. We have seen many television series in India featuring weddings. And mehendi and sangeet ceremonies have remained as special highlights of such grand weddings.

Even the western world is highly influenced by the beautiful Indian customs and traditions being followed during weddings. Some of them even follows few such customs with zeal.


There is no doubt that a big fat Indian wedding is one of most awaited and sought after festivities celebrated in the country. Whether you prefer a destination wedding in the woods, beach or amidst mountains, mehendi ceremony always finds its place intact.

The beautiful mehandi designs are and will always be a part of Indian weddings. The fact that weddings in India is synonymous with these mehendi and sangeet rituals can never be overlooked. We are going to celebrate weddings and celebrate these rituals forever.

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