Meghan Markle hired Lady Diana’s attorney

Meghan Markle hired Lady Diana’s attorney

By now the clash between Meghan, Harry, and the British tabloids has reached one of its highest peaks. After taking the distance from all the British newspapers, declaring today a zero engagement policy, after the voluminous defensive memory that puts a large part of the newspapers’ statements against Meghan on the wall, now the revelation of an important professional figure will also come who will help the Sussexes in their battle: David Sherborne, lawyer of Lady Diana summertime of the Dukes couple.

Meghan Markle hired Lady Diana's attorney
Meghan Markle hired Lady Diana’s attorney

Beyond the skill and the caliber of the lawyer, what stands out is obviously the image that this choice pours on the figure of Meghan and his history. The painful echoes of the Princess’s tragic fide are not yet completely extinguished and this choice only highlights the fact that Harry and Meghan feel hunted as the Duke’s mother was at the time.

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At present, it is not known at what point the cause is, or if it will be short-term. We will certainly hear about it for a long time.

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