Meghan Markle accuses the royal family: “abandoned when I was pregnant”

Brief summary of the previous episodes: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they denounced the tabloid The Mail on Sunday for publishing extracts from a letter from Meghan to her father, violating her right to privacy. The couple, determined to go to the bottom of the matter, presented a defensive memory in which it is underlined how the tabloid has deliberately omitted a whole series of details to tell a Meghan Markle ready to abandon her hospitalized father. The Sussex version instead tells of a daughter who is worried about her father’s health who tries in every way to get in touch with him and even puts two “assistants” at his disposal for any emergency.

Happy Days: Harry and Meghan’s wedding

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The heaviest charge

New revelations have leaked in the past few days from the legal memos filed by Meghan, and in particular one serious accusation that the Duchess addresses to members of the English royal family, guilty of not protecting her during pregnancy. Meghan claims that she felt abandoned to herselfdespite the fact that his marriage to Prince Harry brought to the British coffers a billion pounds.

With the Queen, before Megxit

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Megxit: a new chapter

Heavy accusations that in this moment of difficulty, between the pandemic and the attempts by Queen Elizabeth to keep her subjects together, are likely to widen the rift between the two Californian “refugees” Harry and Meghan and the relatives of blue blood. To leave the British newspapers in disbelief and to infuriate the royal family is, this time, the figure heralded by Meghan. But where does the estimate of that million pounds that the pair of dukes claim to have brought into the national treasure come from? It is probably based on the calculations of the consulting firm Brand Finance, according to which the wedding between Harry and Meghan had generated up to 300 million tourism revenues, which could reach a billion if the impact on fashion and commerce was considered. However, experts consulted by British newspapers have judged the totally unrealistic sum. What is certain is that this new release of the two Sussex is not making Her Majesty nor Prince William sleep soundly, especially now that he was trying to get closer to the fugitive brother.


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