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Mediterranean diet for the skin: the new L’Erbolario products

Mediterranean diet for the skin: If our culture was measured in the kitchen, the Mediterranean diet it deserves an encyclopedia in itself. A work of art among the diet, it is certainly one of the most complete and healthy. Merit also – and above all – of the fruit and vegetables always protagonists of the richness and culinary variety of Italy. Very important foods, because they are rich in water, life mines, fibre, minerals and nutrients able to help the body keep fit and healthy. The recommended dose? According to experts 4-5-servings per day, within a varied, healthy and balanced diet. And if fruits and vegetables are synonymous with well-being for our body, why should they not be for our skin too?

Mediterranean diet for the skin: the new L'Erbolario products
Mediterranean diet for the skin: the new L’Erbolario products

L’Erbolario starts from his Botanical Garden (in Lodi, of course, in the vast plot of land surrounding the production site and workshop, surrounded by the greenery of the Adda Sud Park) to create its new line skincare, as simple as it is avant-garde.

A line inspired by the Mediterranean diet that is called The colors of the garden and through the colors it identifies 5 capsules related to the different needs of the skin. We present them below.

Red Moisturizing Line (all skin types)

Thirst-quenching face cream with extracts of Strawberry, Cherry and Red Radicchio. Thirst-quenching cream, perfect for facial skin looking for hydration.

Refreshing Cleansing Mousse with extracts of Strawberry, Cherry and Red Radicchio. Precious moisturizing and refreshing extracts enrich this soft and light Mousse, also excellent as a make-up remover.

Ultra Moisturizing Face Gel Mask with extracts of Strawberry, Cherry and Hyaluronic Acid. A mask with a light gel consistency that offers comfort and freshness to the skin of the face.

Yellow Compacting Line (all skin types)

Compacting Face Cream with grape juice, pomegranate and quince. A pleasant cream that contrasts skin relaxation and gives the skin a lot of tone.

Revitalizing Cleansing Milk with grape juice, pomegranate and quince. Cleanses, hydrates and is perfect for revitalizing the skin and removing make-up and impurities.

Restructuring Face Scrub Mask with Grape and Pomegranate juice and exfoliating granules from Grape and Almond seeds. Exfoliating mask with juices that help to give the skin a toned and compact appearance

Orange Nutrient Line (dry skins)

Nourishing Face Cream with extracts of Melon, Pumpkin and Carrot. A rich cream that makes the facial skin soft and velvety.

Biphasic Regenerating Make-up Remover with extracts of Melon, Pumpkin and Carrot. A double action: removes make-up and cleans face and eyes with care and offers an excellent regenerating effect on dry skin.

OleoGel Restorative Face Mask with extracts and oils of Pumpkin and Carrot. A mask with a pleasant gel consistency and rich nourishing and restoring properties.

Rebalancing Green Line (mixed skin)

Anti-glossy face cream with extracts of Cucumber, Apple and Rocket. A face cream with a light texture and an important moisturizing and rebalancing action.

Rebalancing Gel Cleanser with extracts of Cucumber, Apple and Rocket. Cleanses the epidermis gently, without weighing it down or drying it out. Also ideal as a make-up remover.

Purifying Face Scrub Mask with extracts of Cucumber, Rocket and Clay. With an exfoliating effect, it helps mixed and oily skin to purify itself, avoiding the shiny effect.

Purple Comforting Line (sensitive skin)

Comforting Face Cream with Berries, Plum and Purple Potato extracts. A cream capable of giving immediate relief whenever sensitive skin feels the need.

Softening Micellar Water with extracts of berries, plum and purple potato. Perfect for removing impurities and make-up and at the same time giving comfort to the most sensitive skin.

Ultra Comfort Face Mask with extracts of berries, plum and black currant oil. It gives hydration and elasticity, protecting the skin’s microcirculation and respecting the delicacy of the most sensitive skin.


All the species of the garden of L’Erbolario are grown according to the strict dictates ofbiological agriculture, using only fertilizers and natural remedies with total exclusion of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, in the logic of sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, since 2005, all agricultural activities are certified by ICEA, Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification.

It is in this green corner that most of the fruit and vegetables used are born, following the natural cycles of seasonality, for the innovative face line I Colori dell’Orto.

Without forgetting that the packs of the line are eco-sustainable, to help the planet and defend the environment.


The Creme bottles are made in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and in a material called OWP® (Ocean Waste Plastic), i.e. plastic recovered from waste in the ocean, rivers and beaches. Each bottle has a QR Code: download any free app for


The bottles used for detergents are made of post-consumer recycled plastic (R-PET) from bottles of water. Thanks to this choice, we have reused 550 thousand bottles, removing them from waste and transforming them into a re!


The plastic that forms the single-dose spheres of the Face Masks is in PET up to 80% plastic recycled from water bottles.


All the cartons of the products and the cards of the single-dose masks are in FSC® paper (as well as all the cases and paper materials chosen by L’Erbolario): the paper is obtained from s managed responsibly, according to the strict rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Reading the QR Code, frame it with the camera of your smartphone – and find out in real time where, when and by whom the plastic used for that particular bottle was recovered!

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