MCU: What Your Favorite Friendship Says About You

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has many different relationships that influence the characters’ lives, and while there are many romances, friendships are important, too. Across the many different films and television series, the friendships of the main characters shape their lives and their decisions.

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However, not all of these friendships are the same. Some, like Steve and Tony’s explore relationships that challenge the people in them. While others, like Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, are endearing examples of best friends that are always there for each other. Fans’ favorite friendship in the MCU can say a lot about them.

10 Scott Lang And Luis

If you like this comedic duo, you likely enjoy friendships where you bond by joking around with one another.

Fans of this friendship likely have a great sense of humor and are always the ones in the group making people laugh. But, despite being funny, they are actually sweethearts beneath it all. They might not be ones to give long speeches about feelings, but they’ll be there for people when they need them. No questions asked.

9 Groot and Rocket Raccoon

If you like Groot and Rocket the best, you appreciate the kind of friendships that are more like family. When Groot “dies” and becomes baby Groot, Rocket takes on more of a parental role for him.

Just like Rocket, fans of this friendship may be the type of person who will do anything for their friends. They might be the mom or dad friend of their group, but this doesn’t mean they’re just a softy. They’re pretty sarcastic but very caring.

8 Tony Stark and Steve Rogers

Tony and Steve aren’t always friends, and for a lot of their relationship, they don’t even get along. However, despite their differences, they find a way to help each other out and help solve crises together.

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If Tony and Steve are your favorite friends, you like media that explores the complex and nuanced emotions that we all have. Fans of this friendship are likely rather serious and take their responsibilities to other people just as seriously, too. But, even when they have differences of opinion, they’ll show up when people need you.

7 Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson

If Steve and Sam are your favorite friends, you are all about ride-or-die relationships. You probably enjoy the fact that these two connected immediately and that they have been there for each other ever since.

Just like both Steve and Sam, fans of this friendship really value loyalty, and they’ll also fight for the people in their life. They’re going to be the one to never let anyone insult their best friend.

6 Tony Stark and James Rhodes

Tony and Rhodey are close friends who are very different, so you probably appreciate the opposites attract element of their relationship.

People who relate most to Tony in this friendship, probably are someone that is really loyal to the people in their circle, People who relate more to Rhodey, are likely always the one taking care of others, and shouldn’t forget to prioritize themselves as well.

5 Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton

These two have been friends since the very first Avengers movie, and fans see over the course of the films that they’ve known each other for many years. In fact, Natasha even knows about Clint’s family.

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If they are your favorite, you enjoy the fact that they are as close as siblings, so you’re probably someone that values both your family and your friendships. Fans of this friendship are very capable and successful people, but they really care about their friendships.

4 Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

Sam Wilson Falcon and Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier

While Sam and Bucky’s relationship hasn’t been explored too much yet, this is all about to change as their new show comes out. Fans appreciate that these two have a relationship that is almost like a rivalry and also like the humorous elements of their friendship.

They are probably people who spend a lot of time sending memes and TikTox to their friends, but they’ll support them in times of trouble.

3 Peter Parker and Ned Leeds

These two have one of the most endearing friendships in the entire MCU, and one of the great things about their relationship is that it feels very realistic to actual high schoolers.

If you love them the most, you probably are someone who has some friends you’ve known for years, and you’ve stayed close to them throughout the thick and thin. Fans of this friendships are likely quite smart and are always down to have a great adventure with their friends.

2 Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau

Carol and Maria have the type of friendship that is so close they’ve basically built a life together. While some people interpret their relationship as platonic, others think they could even have been romantic.

But, either way, fans of this friendship were very excited to finally see a close relationship between two women in the MCU. They are badass and successful people, but are the life of the party and really fun to be around.

1 Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

Steve and Bucky’s relationship is often talked about because it’s so central to Steve’s story in the MCU. It’s no secret that a lot of people ship these two romantically, but even those who don’t can admit that they were very important to each other.

If you love them the best, you recognize the importance of protecting your friends and loved ones. You’ll go to the ends of the earth for the people you care about.

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