MCU: 10 Times Star-Lord Was a Total Himbo

Unlike some other members of the MCU who perfectly embody the himbo qualities, Star-Lord, AKA Peter Quill, is on the jerk end of the himbo spectrum. Sure, he’s handsome, muscular, heroic, and vapid, words that perfectly describe the perfect himbo. However, he’s also mean-spirited, cynical, and far angrier than, say, someone like Thor.

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Indeed, there’s a lot of tragedy in Peter’s past, and it’s clear he uses humor as a defense mechanism to hide all his unexpressed anger and pain. Still, Peter’s himbo qualities and attitudes go a long way to endear him to the audience, who continue to root for him despite his many childish behaviors.

10 Part Of A Plan

Near the climax of Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter reveals he has a plan to stop Ronan. Well, part of a plan, anyway. This leads to a discussion with Rocket about what percentage of a plan does “part” mean, to which Peter replies, 12%. Rocket obviously laughs and even Gamora states that 12% is barely a concept, let alone a plan.

Peter doesn’t have a strategic mind per se, but with a combination of good fortune, sheer will, and stubbornness, things normally go his way. Hearing him defend his “part of a plan” is both endearing and perhaps even inspiring, especially because manages to bring the Guardians together into a real team.

9 Footloose

Peter Quill loves pop culture, more specifically, pop culture from the seventies and eighties. His references often make their way to almost any conversation, especially when he’s trying to relate to someone else.

In the first movie, after Gamora retells her tragic upbringing, she asks Peter why he’s so attached to his walkman. He reveals it was a gift from his mother then explains that music can be danced to. Gamora says she doesn’t dance, prompting Quill to tell her the legend of “Footloose.” The fact that a straight-faced Peter can retool Footloose‘s plot into some serious and self-important tale of liberation is nearly too much to bear.

8 David Hasselhoff And The Talking Car

As their relationship continues to develop and grow, Gamora and Peter begin sharing stuff about their past, becoming more intimate in the process. Once Ego introduces himself as Peter’s father, the man-child has obvious reservations about forming a bond with him.

Gamora then mentions “Zardu Hasselfrau who owned the magic boat.” Peter realizes she’s talking about David Hasselhoff and is very insulted that she confuses the talking car for a magic boat. Peter even goes as far as explaining that the car talks “to help him (Hasselhoff) fight crime and to be supportive.” Peter’s himbo side shining through.

7 You’re Imitating The God-Man!

Avengers Infinity War - Thor and Guardians

During Infinity War, the Guardians stumble upon Thor, floating in space among the wreckage left behind by Thanos. Taking him aboard the Milano, they examine and eventually question him once he regains consciousness.

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Quill is immediately intimidated by Thor, especially after the other Guardians compare the two of them and make fun of Peter’s weight. Quill even deepens his voice to try and sound more intimidating. His attempts don’t work, of course, and everyone can see he’s just doing it to imitate Thor. It’s one of those times when Peter’s insecurities get the best of him, bringing out his softer side.

6 What Is He Supposed To Say, Jesus?

After Thanos takes Gamora, the Guardians attempt to rescue her and stumble upon the makeshift team of Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Spider-Man. After a short fight, Quill takes grabs a hold of Spidey while Iron Man subdues Drax. Confusion erupts and after realizing Peter is against Thanos, Dr. Strange asks him what master he serves.

Peter, in classic Peter mode, answers “What am I supposed to say, Jesus?” To make it even better, he replies he’s not from Earth, but Missouri. This is certainly not the stickiest situation Peter and his Guardians have been in, but his snarky and unassuming attitude does have a way of coming out in the most inconvenient of times.

5 Half Human, Half Stupid

Peter constantly clashes with Strange and Iron Man in the short time that they work together. Once they arrive at the ruins of Titan, Iron Man proposes a simple plan to get the Gauntlet off Thanos’s hand, but Peter rejects it. Because the Guardians seemingly aren’t taking things seriously, Tony actually loses his patience, incredulous at the realization that he’s the mature one in the group.

Quill then reasons that he owes his stupidity to his half-human part. Peter’s self-awareness is, perhaps, his most himbo-ish quality, because it never comes off as egotistical. In fact, it always comes from a place of true honesty.

4 You Feel Love. Romantic. Sexual Love!

During one Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. II‘s most memorable scenes, Mantis explains and demonstrates the extent of her empathic abilities. When she touches Peter’s hand, she reveals how he has feelings for Gamora, causing Drax, and eventually Mantis herself, to break into uproarious laughter.

Embarrassed, Peter simply mutters how Mantis’s reveal is “So unbelievably uncool,” but doesn’t berate or attack her. He also doesn’t try to deny it and simply looks sheepishly at Gamora, who tries to act unimpressed. It’s one of those occasions when Peter’s childish side takes over, choosing kindness and restraint over aggression and violence.

3 Hitting Thanos

Infinity War is a decisive moment for Peter’s character. He shows a lot of growth and maturity by putting the universe’s well-being over his love for Gamora when he’s willing to kill her so Thanos won’t discover the Soul Stone’s location. However, all that development goes out the window when he finds out Gamora is dead. He loses his senses and hits Thanos, ruining his own plan to take the Gauntlet off his father-in-law and prevent universal catastrophe.

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It’s a very himbo thing to do, obeying the heart and not the head. However, even Peter should’ve known better than hitting Thanos just as the Gauntlet was about to come off. It was the point of no return for him and many fans haven’t quite forgiven him yet.

2 Dance-Off, Bro

Peter Quill Dancing in Guardians of the Galaxy

The now-iconic ending to the first Guardians film has Peter distracting Ronan by performing a truly terrible dance to the Five Stairsteps’ 1970 single “O-o-h Child.” A confused Ronan falls for the trap and is eventually defeated when Peter unleashes the full might of the Power Stone on him.

The dance-off serves as one of Peter’s defining moments. He saves the entire universe not by rejecting his childish and perhaps embarrassing traits, but by embracing them, and realizing they make him who he is. Maybe it’s a funny joke for the audience to laugh at, but it’s also a very important moment for Peter as a character.

1 So He’s An Idiot?

Avengers: Endgame is basically a two-and-a-half-hour trip down memory lane, a cinematic victory lap that successfully combines fan service with truly earned pivotal and cathartic moments. During Nebula and Rhodey’s trip to Morag to locate the Orb that originally contains the Power Stone, they witness the opening to the original Guardians of the Galaxy, where Peter dances to Rebone’s 1974 hit “Come and Get Your Love.”

In the sequence, Peter is embodying the very essence of what being a himbo means. He’s literally dancing like nobody’s watching, because no one technically is. Furthermore, he’s enjoying his life, even if he is stealing an Infinity Stone for a group of ravaging thieves.

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