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Are you fascinated by Mayan cultures? Here are some amazing ideas for Mayan tattoo drawings that will help you vogue your style!

mayan tattoo drawings
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Mayan tattoos are an important aspect to uplift and glorifying Mayan culture and styles.

Mayan tattoos are gotten by the wearers to honor the bravery of the heroes who dealt with immense pain and suffering. The Mayan tattoos are thereby made to awaken their spirituality in them.

Mayan tattoos not only help in maintaining peace and stability, but it is a fine example to bring balance and harmony among the people. The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it is absolutely gorgeous with its ancient art and stone carvings. Mayan tattoo designs have a distinctive artistic value. The tattoo designs are made with intricate details and it really makes the wearer look stunning with its mesmerizing beauty. Mayans are known to perform body modifications. This includes the deformation of a baby’s skull to a perfect piece. They believe in extreme modifications to get a higher status among individuals.

Mayan tattoos depict symbols of gods, powerful animals, and other spiritual awakenings which help them balance the harmony of the power of night and day. Mayan tattoos mainly are associated with social status. It is not offensive to get Mayan tattoos from other cultures. Mayan people are very open-minded and really encourage any form of body art. The most common tattoo art design for Mayans is the Hunab Ku symbol. You can get these tattoo designs as an inspiration for your next tattoo.

Mayan men like to get tattoos on their arms, legs, and shoulders. The Mayans believe that getting body art is beauty with pain, but since they love body modifications, they deal with it anyway. Keep reading to get amazing inspirations for Mayan tattoos.

Realistic Mayan Style Tattoo Art

realistic mayan style tattoo art
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This tattoo is really class apart. The tattoo is made on the forearm which is a common place for making such a detailed tattoo. This tattoo looks absolutely gorgeous and realistic. Seems like it has been just printed from a stone sculpture. The tattoo is of Aztec and Hanab Ku. The tattoo looks worth appreciating and it really looks phenomenal. This proves that the wearer perhaps wants to establish dominance and an assertive attitude to life and try to maintain harmony and balance in their life.

Probably they have gone through enough suffering and now the wearer is looking for peace after the hardships that have been wearing them down. The tattoo artist has done really a commendable job in this part and it looks really beautiful even without the usage of black ink. If you are looking for an inspiring tattoo sleeve like this, this can be an amazing inspiration for your next tattoo.

Mayan Warrior Tattoo Drawings

mayan warrior tattoo drawings
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Mayan tattoos always have a hint of tribal art in their tattoo inspirations. This tattoo is a fine example of tribal tattoo art. In this tattoo, the warrior can be seen to be resting. The traditional tribal Mayan tattoo art can be seen here. This tattoo looks really nice and brings out the versatility of Mayan culture.

The tattoo has been made with only black ink. However, the detailing that has been done inside the tattoo is really commendable and looks really phenomenal. The hues of black and grey ink look really nice. It is simple with its design, however, the artistic quotient of this tattoo is worth looking forward to. It is an intricate piece and can definitely be an amazing inspiration for your next tattoo design.

Aztec Mayan Tattoo Drawings

aztec mayan tattoo drawings
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Aztec tattoos are absolutely an authentic form of tattoo art that represents the social status of a warrior. This can also mean the tattoo represents an important entity in the Mayan culture.  As per the central American culture, it is not very appropriate to get an Aztec tattoo unless they understand the cultural appropriation of