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What is Matthew Macfadyen’s Net Worth?

Matthew Macfadyen is an English actor with an estimated amount of five million. He is most likely best known for his role on”Succession,” the HBO program “Succession” alongside Jeremy Strong and a star-studded ensemble. Because of this role, Macfadyen was awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Macfadyen is also famous for his film roles in which he played a role in the role of his character, Mr. Darcy, in the 2005 film “Pride and Prejudice.” Other films that stand out are “Frost/Nixon” and “Death at A Funeral.” Matthew is extremely involved in British television and has been cast in shows like “Ripper Street” and “Criminal Justice.” In the last show, the actor was awarded the British Academy Television Award for the best supporting actor.

matthew macfadyen
matthew macfadyen net worth

Early Life

David Matthew Macfadyen was born on October 17, 1974. He was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. His mom was a dramatic instructor and actress, while the father worked as an oil executive. Growing up in a family with Welsh and Scottish heritage, David grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, due to his father’s frequent travels for work. In addition, Macfadyen also attended schools throughout England and Scotland and eventually was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at 17 years old. While at the prestigious acting school, the actor honed his skills before becoming a theatre actor.

The Early Years of the Career

After three years at RADA, which ended in 1995, Macfadyen was a frequent collaborator with the British theater organization Cheek by Jowl. In this time, the actor appeared in plays like “The Duchess of Malta,” The School for Scandal,” along “Much Ado About Nothing.” The following few years, he performed with The Royal National Theatre, playing parts as a character in “Henry IV” (parts one and two) before joining the cast of “The The Pain and the Itch.”

In the same time frame, Matthew was also exploring possibilities in television. His TV debut was in “Wuthering Heights” in 1998. Through the years, he appeared on TV dramas such as “Warriors” along with “The way we Live.” The starring roles in these shows let him explore more possibilities in shows such as “Perfect Strangers” at the turn in the year 2000. Then, in 2002, he returned on the same show with “The Project.” In 2002, he was cast on “Spooks” and reprised the role in the second and third seasons (although he left following the second episode of season 3). The show was later renamed “MI-5” as it aired on the A&E Network. In 2007, Macfadyen began his TV career by appearing in “Secret Life,” receiving an Outstanding Actor award from the Royal Television Society that year. He was also nominated to an award from BAFTA for the role.


While Matthew was enjoying a lot of success on TV, he was also exploring numerous opportunities in film. His debut film was the 2000 film “Maybe Baby,” however, he gained fame for his more recognizable part with 2001’s “Enigma.” Following a string of film roles in the 2000s, like “In My Father’s Room” and “In My Father’s Den,” – he was offered his most memorable role in the role of”Mr. Darcy in 2005’s “Price and Prejudice.” This film became a box-office success, earning nearly $122 million, despite the budget of just $28 million. The film also garnered many positive reviews, and Macfadyen was nominated for the British newcomer of the Award during the London Film Critics Circle.

Over the next few years, Macfadyen gained notoriety for his roles in films like “Death in the Funeral,” “Incendiary,” and “Frost/Nixon.” In the latter film, he was portraying John Birt. After his role as the lead character in the BBC production of “Little Dorrit,” he teamed up with Helena Bonham Carter in “Enid.” The following year, he took on the role of the legendary Sheriff of Nottingham in “Robin Hood.” Then, he starred in the television series “The Pillars of the Earth” before joining the “Any Human Heart team.” Matthew won a British Academy Television Award for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Criminal Justice.”

After his last appearance during “Spooks,” Macfadyen joined the cast of “Anna Karenina.” In the same year, 2012, he began playing an additional role that would define his career in “Ripper Street,” as Edmund Reid. In the following months, Matthew returned to theatre and worked on “Jeeves and Wooster In Perfect Nonsense,” staged on stage in London’s West End. The play was awarded an Olivier Award in 2014 for the Best New Comedy. In 2015 he announced that Amazon had ratified “Ripper Street” for its fourth and fifth seasons. The same year, he was a guest on the pilot for “The Last Kingdom,” which went on to have numerous seasons.

In 2020, he was a guest as a character in the tri-part TV show “Quiz,” an adaptation of a 2001 cheating scandal linked to “Who Wants to be A Millionaire.”


In 2018, Macfadyen enlisted in the film “Succession.” It was an important step for his career and brought him much attention to America. The United States. This was also the reason he received the Primetime Emmy Award nomination. In one interview, Matthew said it was “alarming” that he grew so fast and adapted to the show’s great shooting locations, like luxurious hotel rooms and yachts.

Matthew continued to be a part of “Succession” for the next few years while investigating various acting opportunities.

Succession Salary

Matthew and the other principal cast members received $100,000 for each episode on “Succession” during the show’s initial two seasons. There were ten episodes in the two initial seasons, so Matthew made $2 million from his efforts until the third season when his pay increased by $350,000 per show, $3.5 million in the final season.


While filming “Spooks,” Macfadyen met co-star Keeley Hawes. The couple eventually got wed, and they had two kids together.

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