Matt Roloff Says That Zach and Jeremy Are Discussing Buying Roloff Farms

Matt Roloff Says That Zach and Jeremy Are Discussing Buying Roloff Farms

Matt Roloff Says That Zach and Jeremy Are Discussing Buying Roloff Farms
Matt Roloff Says That Zach and Jeremy Are Discussing Buying Roloff Farms
  • After some confusion over the “wall” on Roloff farms, Matt Roloff cleared the air on Instagram live.
  • He said Few people, big world fans that he is still co-owner of part of the farm with his ex-wife Amy.
  • Once Amy leaves the “big house” completely, the former couple hopes to sell their land to one of their children.

During the last season of Few people, big world, fans were concerned that Matt and Amy Roloff would sever ties with Roloff Farms.

But like LPBW fans know it, Roloff Farms is still in business, but Amy agreed to a takeover from Matt and agreed to sell his share of the land. Ultimately, she decided that it was necessary to move to a new home so that she could start a new life with her fianc√©, Chris Marek. But Amy was in no hurry to get rid: she started moving in late December and continued to pack the items little by little. In February, she shared an Instagram post saying that she was “delighted to see a little light at the end of this long journey of moving, purging, packing and moving into my new home.”

In the meantime, Matt was determined to create a physical separation between him and Amy. This is why he built “the wall”, a symbolic fence between his property and Amy’s farm. During a recent episode, Matt and Amy clashed about his decision: “Go out with the old and go in with the new, and that’s (the wall) what this wall represents,” he said. he told Amy.

Fans have had their fair share of questions about what it meant for the former couple and, more importantly, Roloff Farms. Although Amy accepted Matt’s takeover for his share of the farm, he confirmed that the two were still co-owners of part of the farm. Once Amy is completely away from the farm, they plan to decide what to do with the plot of land they share. Their goal: to have one of their children buy it from them at a “family discount”.

While their four children – Jeremy, Zach, Jacob and Molly – can buy the land, Matt told fans in an Instagram Live that Jeremy and Zach are the only ones who have “expressed interest”. The twins, who currently live nearby in the same neighbourhood, regularly help the farm, especially during the pumpkin season. Although it is not clear whether they will buy the land separately, together or not at all, Matt hopes that they will soon reach an agreement. “The ultimate scenario for me is that the twins take control of the farm and work together … but no one likes to run this pumpkin-like me”, “ he said.

And really, that shouldn’t be too shocking, especially since Jeremy posted a photo last April with the caption: “Nice evening to discuss the future of the farm”. So take this for what you want.

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