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Matt Maher Net Worth: Matt Maher is a Canadian contemporary Christian music artist, songwriter, and cult leader with a net worth of $ 4 million. He is perhaps best known for his three albums and four singles reaching the Top 25 of the Christian charts.

Matt Maher Net Worth
Matt Maher Net Worth

Matt Maher was born in Newfoundland, Canada, in November 1974. He plays the guitar and his musical styles include contemporary cult music. Maher released his first studio album The End and the Beginning in 2001 and the albums Welcome to Life in 2003 and Overflow in 2006. His album Empty & Beautiful was released in 2008 and reached 12th place in the American Christian charts. Matt Maher’s album, Alive Again, was released in 2009 and reached 6th place in the same charts.

His album The Love in Between was released in 2011 and reached 7th place on this list. Maher released the album All the People Said Amen which reached number 5 on the same chart in 2013. His album Saints and Sinners was released in 2015 and reached number 2 on the American Christian chart and number 52 on the Billboard 200 chart. He also released the albums in 2017, The Advent of Christmas in 2018, and Alive & Breathing in 2020. His singles “Glory (Let There Be Peace)” and “Because he lives (Amen) “both reached first place in the Christian Airplay. and US Christian AC charts.

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