Matt James Pull April Fools Joke With His Beard

Matt James has not shaved his beard, despite an April Fool’s Day joke that suggested he had finally made the move and gotten rid of it.

Matt James told his Instagram followers on Thursday that he had shaved his beard, but it turned out to be an April Fool’s Day joke. Many were skeptical throughout the day that The Bachelor star was tricking them, and Matt eventually let everyone in on the secret that he was, in fact, still rocking the facial hair.

There haven’t been many opportunities for Matt to have some fun with his social media followers lately, since he’s been dealing with the fallout from the controversial end to his season and getting over Rachael Kirkconnell. Before he was ensnared in the discussions of racism and bullying on the show, however, Matt often took to Twitter during the episode to make fun of himself. It was his way of engaging with the fans and acknowledging that, even though he took the process seriously, he never took himself too seriously to have fun. He also wanted to provide a more playful side, which wasn’t shown too much on screen. As his season gets further and further in the rearview mirror, we will likely see more of Matt using his platform to showcase his goofy personality.

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On April Fool’s Day, Matt decided to trick viewers into believing he’d finally gotten rid of his lengthy beard. He posted a picture — now, it’s clear it was a throwback – of him with barely any facial hair. He captioned it, “It was time.” Roughly eight hours later, Matt, making a scary face with his full beard, wrote “April Fools.” Anyone who looked at the calendar when he shared the first photo could have figured it out.

Matt first premiered the beard at the Women Tell All. This led many in Bachelor Nation to assume he was single. They turned out to be right. Matt was still fully bearded when he appeared at the After the Final Rose special, as he realized his only option was to leave Rachael and forge a new path ahead alone.

It remains to be seen how long Matt will keep the beard. Maybe he’s waiting for the pandemic to be over. Perhaps he’s keeping it until a new woman enters into his life. Or he could be growing it out for the rest of his life, determined to forever dodge the paparazzi with enough hair to cover his entire face. Regardless, Matt has begun to open up more on social media, and it’s nice to see him enjoying himself after the awful situation The Bachelor put him in earlier this year.

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