Matt Criticized for Trying to Stamp Out Rachael Rumors

After rumors of reconciliation, three separate sources told E! Matt is not back with Rachel. Perhaps this exaggerated response did more harm than good.

Since Single’s Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell were seen together in New York, it’s been another crazy week for Bachelor Nation. The consequences of Rachael’s victory were dire. His racist past has put a dark cloud on an already disappointing season. Chris Harrison was replaced after viciously defending her. Considering all of this fallout, fans were shocked that Matt picked her up again. Especially after his icy reception towards her at After the final rose, and recently proclaimed that she still has work to do to change. Not so fast, say sources close to him.

Rumors of reconciliation started with a tweet from Reality Steve. On April 7, sources said E! Online that Matt wasn’t recovering with Rachael. The first claimed that she had arranged a meeting to talk, which he agreed to. The second added that she was in New York to visit others, not to see him. “Rachael and Matt are just friends,” this source said E!, “He has no intention of dating her in the future. “ They also highlighted Matt’s current focus on his career. Another source intervened to confirm the status of “just friends”. Judging by the response from fans, Matt and his sources may have had it too thick.

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When the E! the story was posted on the R / The Bachelor Reddit, users were more amused than anything.“Not one. Not two. But THREE sources. He’s trying to stop this.” The editors tried to identify sources, guessing close friend Tyler Cameron as well as Matt himself. Another user commented, “Who’s working the hardest? Matt’s team shut it down or the Kardashian team shut down Khloe’s image?” Some have speculated that the drastic response was a sign that Matt’s PR team is reading the popular subreddit. But it wasn’t all jokes at Matt’s expense. Others have referred to Rachael’s mother, who jokingly defended her “While waiting for the other story from 3 of Rachael’s sources (aka her mom, mom and mom). ” There were also allegations that Rachael’s family was behind Reality Steve’s tweet.

Rachael Kirkconnel 2021 winner Matt James in The Bachelor 2

While some mocked Matt for going over the top, others assumed he was protesting too much. “I predict they will secretly meet / hook up every few months before they end things for good. Matt is way too self-conscious to date her publicly after AFR’s performance.” we wrote. “Yeah, like he knew it was wrong to be back with Rachael. But not enough not to do it,” another said. Some chose to believe the denials, assuming the couple had only reunited for the fence and did not expect to be pictured. But others wondered if it was just a publicity stunt, a writing stunt, “I don’t know why you would date someone publicly like that if you didn’t want rumors to start.”

While He has no intention of dating her in the future “ seems final, fans have felt deja vu. After Clare Crawley and Dale Moss were seen together after the split, it was reported that they didn’t see a future together. Now they are officially back. Reddit agreed that not only are the sources unreliable, “the competitors themselves are also unreliable. They change their minds too. “

If one thing is certain, it is that The single person the drama does not slow down. Each season is messier than the last. Then two of Matt’s contestants will return to the back seasons of The bachelorette. Bachelor Nation will have to see if this trend continues.

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Source: E! Online, R / TheBachelor

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