100 Best Matching Tattoos Ideas for Inspiration

Matching tattoos are for couples who want to show their commitment to each other. When you truly love a person, you will feel incomplete without them. Tattoos are an amazing form of body art with deep meanings particularly if it is devoted to the love of your life.  Tattoos will stay forever on your body.  This is why you must be totally sure before offering an area of your skin. These inspiring matching tattoos will express the love of the couples wearing them. Some people choose to ink the name of their loved one on their body.  But what if you’ll break up? Fortunately, there are other ways of expressing your love and relationship through body art.  These matching tattoos will show how stronger you are when you’re apart yet much better when you’re together.  Couples should get these matching tattoos together.  These matching tattoos are not only for lovers and life partners but also for sisters, brothers, and even BFFs. The following matching tattoos are unique from each other but they have one common thing – love (aw!)

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25. Amazing Matching Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Matching Tattoo Ideas

This is an awesome intricate design tattoo for couples.

26. Quotes Matching Tattoos

Quotes Matching Tattoos

Adding a catch phrase to an image makes it more meaningful.

27. Anchor Matching Tattoos

Anchor Matching Tattoos

I really love these anchor tattoos!

28. Anchor Matching Tattoos For Couples

Anchor Matching Tattoos For Couples

Anchor tattoos are just sexy.

29. Wrist Matching Tattoos

Wrist Matching Tattoos

Beautiful sayings which can also be used for wedding tattoos.

30. Couple Tattoos Ideas

Couple Tattoos Ideas

You can use any symbols that you want as long as it is meaningful to both of you.

31. Lock And Key Tattoo

Lock And Key Tattoo

Here’s the key to my heart.

32. Matching Tattoo Ideas For Lovers

Matching Tattoo Ideas For Sisters

You are the only one who can open my heart.

33. Matching Tattoos Designs

Matching Tattoos Designs

This is so appropriate for those people who are in love.

34. King And Queen Crowns Tattoo

King And Queen Crowns Tattoo

She is the queen and he is the king.

35. Q And K Matching Tattoos

Q And K Matching Tattoos

I love this style of K and Q play card tattoos.  It is placed in the two middle fingers.

36. Musical Notes Matching Tattoo

Musical Notes Matching Tattoo

Cute musical notes tattoo which connects couples.

37. Infinity Tattoo

Your love for each other has no end.

38. Owl Matching Tattoo

Owl Always Love You Tattoo

Typically, matching tattoos can be found on the same part of the body for two or more persons.

39. Owl Always Love You Tattoo

Owl Always Love You Tattoo

Don’t hide your feelings, show it to the world.

40. Wings Matching Tattoos

Wings Matching Tattoos

The image can only be completed when both of your hands are near each other.

41. Heart Puzzle Tattoo

Heart Puzzle Tattoo

This tattoo really rocks! Just like your relationship.

42. Infinite Love Tattoos

Infinite Love Tattoos

Matching couple tattoos can be very cute.  Just like this infinity tattoo with the word “love”.

43. Couples Matching Tattoo

Companion Matching Tattoos

Get matching tattoos on your wedding day.

44. One Love One Heart Matching Tattoos

Love means staying together forever.

45. Angel Matching Tattoo

Angel Matching Tattoo

Don’t be afraid to declare your love for each other.

46. Angel Wing Matching Tattoos

Angel Wing Matching Tattoos

You complete me.

47. Matching Leg Tattoo

Matching Leg Tattoo

Friends display their true friendship by getting matching tattoos.

48. Best Friend Matching Tattoos Ideas

Best Friend Matching Tattoos Ideas

A best friend tattoo can be simple and small yet beautiful.

49. Inspiring Matching Tattoo

Best Friends Matching Tattoo

It doesn’t have to be matching.  You can create something more creative.

50. Meaningful Tattoos Ideas

Best Friend Tattoos Ideas

A sister is your best friend which you can always rely on.

51. Bonnie And Clyde Tattoo

Bonnie And Clyde Tattoo

The Bonnie and Clyde tattoo represent the popular couple in the criminal history.

52. Colorful Matching Tattoo

Colorful Matching Tattoo

Colorful matching tattoos express the wonderful colors of your love.

53. Compass And Anchor Matching Tattoos

Compass And Anchor Matching Tattoos

This is the best matching tattoo!

54. Couple Matching Skull Tattoos

These matching skull tattoos are perfect for the bride and groom.

55. Cute Matching Tattoo

Cute Matching Tattoo

Everyone would love to have a cute matching tattoo.

56. Bird Matching Tattoo Ideas

Cute Matching Tattoo Ideas

These tattoos are a great way of showing the union of couples, friends, and family.

57. Nice Matching Tattoo

Cute Matching Tattoo On Hand

It’s good to have tattoos which have actual meaning behind them.

58. Deer Matching Tattoos

Deer Matching Tattoos

Are you looking to get a tattoo with your lover?  Then you should go for it.

59. Dog And Cat Tattoo

Dog And Cat Tattoo

Before getting a tattoo, make sure that the design and the placement are exactly what you want.

60. Ellie Goulding And Dougie Poynter Tattoo

It’s their own way of declaring their love for each other.

61. Fantastic Matching Tattoo

Fantastic Matching Tattoo

Tattoos are a way of expressing how you feel for each other.

62. Finger Matching Tattoos

Finger Matching Tattoos

Tattoos are for capturing those unforgettable moments.

63. Flying Doves Tattoo

Flying Doves Tattoo

Tattoos represent your happiness.

64. Heart And Wings Tattoo

Heart And Wings Tattoo

Couple tattoos are becoming popular nowadays.

65. Creative Matching Tattoos

Infinity Matching Tattoos

Couple tattoos express how happy you are with your relationship.

66. Puzzle Pieces Matching Tattoos

Interlocking Puzzle Pieces Matching Tattoos

Nowadays, best friends want something which is creative and unique.

67. Intricate Matching Tattoo

Intricate Matching Tattoo

There are a lot of things that you and your best friend can do and one of them is getting matching tattoos.

68. Love Tattoos Ideas

Love Tattoos Ideas

Love tattoos serve as a reminder of those happy times.

69. Matching Animal Tattoo

Matching Animal Tattoo

Tattoos can remind you of what you had lost and inspire you to do better.

70. Matching Arrows Tattoo

Matching Arrows Tattoo

Couple tattoos can remind you of your lover all the time.

71. Matching Bow Tattoo

Matching Bow Tattoo

You can express all your feelings for each other on a special tattoo.

72. Matching Tattoo For Lovers

Matching Couple Tattoo For Lovers

The best thing about tattoos is that you have the option to let your imagination run wild.

73. Matching Dinosaurs

Matching Dinosaurs

Every couple has a special memory which they can turn into an awesome tattoo.

74. Matching Heart Tattoos

Matching Heart Tattoos

Getting a symbolic tattoo is preferable than using your lover’s name just in case you will part ways.

75. Symbolic Tattoos

Matching Infinity Tattoos

The hardest  part would be to decide what particular tattoo design to choose.

76. Matching Rose Tattoos

Matching Rose Tattoos

If you want to show off your friendship then get the best matching tattoo.

77. Matching Seahorse Tattoos

Matching Seahorse Tattoos

This is one of the most intricate tattoos.

78. Matching Tattoo Ideas

Matching Tattoo Ideas

Sweethearts love matching tattoos because they look so cool and cute.

79. Matching Tattoo Ideas For Best Friends

Matching Tattoo Ideas For Best Friends

Friends will always remain by your side through the bad times and the good times.

80. Matching Tattoo Ideas For Cousins

Matching Tattoo Ideas For Cousins

There are various kinds of matching tattoos, some have similar designs while others are in contrast.

81. Matching Tattoo Pictures

Matching Tattoo Pictures

“Together forever never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart.”

82. Matching Tattoos Ideas

Matching Tattoos Ideas

Couples who get matching tattoos should realize that most often love fades quickly than their tattoo.

83. Matching Tattoos Ideas For Mother And Daughter

Matching Tattoos Ideas For Mother And Daughter

Beauty is madness.

84. Heart Tattoos

Matching Tattoos Tumblr

My heart belongs to you. A matching wedding ring tattoo.

85. Matching Word Tattoo

Matching Word Tattoo

You and I will be together always.

86. Infinity Tattoos

Infinity Tattoos

When you truly love someone, you will feel incomplete without him/her.

87. Matching Wrist Bracelet Tattoos

Matching Wrist Bracelet Tattoos

These intricate floral tattoos look like permanent bracelets.

88. Mickey And Minnie Mouse Tattoo

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Tattoo

Very Sweet!

89. Sweet Couple Tattoo

Mickey Minnie Matching Tattoos

This romantic tattoo is perfect for lovers.

90. Perfect Matching Tattoo

Perfect Matching Tattoo

This tattoo looks great when couples hold hands.

91. Puzzle Matching Tattoos

Puzzle Matching Tattoos

What a super cool tattoo!

92. Puzzle Pieces Tattoo

Puzzle Pieces Tattoo

Each tattoo has a different meaning for each couple.

93. Sister Matching Tattoos

Sister Matching Tattoos

A perfect sister I am not…but thankful for the one I’ve got.

94. Sisters Matching Tattoo

Sisters Matching Tattoo

Looks so cute when you are side by side.

95. Skulls Tattoos

Skulls Tattoos

Instead of wearing a ring on your finger, why don’t you wear a tattoo.

96. Sun And Moon Matching Tattoos

Sun And Moon Matching Tattoos

One cannot live without the other.

97. Sweet Matching Tattoo

Sweet Matching Tattoo

You can choose any tattoo design that you want as long as it means a lot to both of you.

98. Tree And Owl Matching Tattoos

Tree And Owl Matching Tattoos

This is so adorable, perfect for couples and friends.

99. Unique Matching Tattoo

Unique Matching Tattoo

This is perfect for couples who are robot fanatics.

100. Sister Tattoos Ideas

Sister Tattoos Ideas

I’ll follow you into the dark.

Is it a good idea to get matching tattoos just to prove your eternal love for each other? Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have matching pink and blue dice tattoos. However, their love story did not last long.  When they parted ways Britney removed her pink dice tattoo.

If you and your loved one have an awesome couple tattoo then share it on facebook or tell us in the comments.

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