Mary Dishes on Her Pandemic Retail Therapy

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald dished on the big retail purchases that she has made while in quarantine and in between filming the show.

In an exclusive interview, Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald dished on the lavish addition she purchased for her new home with husband Romain Bonnet. With the world having spent the last year in quarantine, spending money on household items became a more normal pleasure. The same goes for some of our favorite reality stars.

Earlier this year, Mary and Romain continued their newlywed bliss by settling down in their first home together. “Officially moved in,” she captioned an Instagram photo alongside her husband with a Home Depot box in the background. “Moving is exhausting, but it feels so good to call this place our new home! Who wants to see a house tour?!!” Since moving in, the two Oppenheim Group employees have been busy putting the finishing touches on their new home. Mary, a real estate agent, and Romain, the agency’s project manager, have put their attention into their new home after being stopped at the gate while embarking on their honeymoon. With the pandemic putting a pause on their travel plans, the couple decided to focus on styling up their pad.

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During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Mary Fitzgerald opened up about the big retail purchases she made while in quarantine. “Well, we moved. That was fun. But I’ve been working quite a bit. Then moving, just decorating our new place,” she started. When it comes to her guilty pleasure, the Netflix star admitted that designer bags and shoes are her weakness. “As for big purchases, bags, and shoes… I’m obsessed with bags with shoes.” But, with Mary just settling into her new home, most of her big purchases have been for in-house decor. “I’m getting ready to buy a hot sauna and some gym equipment,” Mary revealed before gushing on how she and Romain are vamping up their home. “In our new place, we’ve got a room that we’ve turned into a gym. I’ve got a mirror, we’ve got a Peloton, and then we’re going to get a hot sauna,” she revealed.

With how busy her real estate agent schedule is and all the craziness going on in the world, Mary shared her excitement about enjoying her new hot sauna. “I think that’s something I’m very much looking forward to,” she said. However, with most of the world spending increased time inside their homes, Mary shared how hot saunas have become an in-demand home accessory. “But I guess a lot of people also have the same idea, because every place is on backorder. They said they’ve been busier than ever, all the companies I’ve called.”

It seems like the pandemic has turned certain luxury items into essentials. We’re sure Mary and Romain will enjoy every bit of their hot sauna. The fans might even get to see them film a scene for the new season of Selling Sunset while steaming out their worries together. The show was recently greenlit for two additional seasons after becoming a huge hit for Netflix.

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