Marvel’s Version of King Kong is Spider-Man’s Biggest Mistake

Spider-Man’s new pet just went wild in New York City, leaving readers wondering how Peter Parker could be so irresponsible.

SPOILER WARNING for The Amazing Spider-Man # 62!

Spider Man may have finally found an activity that takes more responsibility than being a superhero: owning a pet. To be fair, Peter Parker probably wouldn’t have too much trouble taking care of an ordinary cat or dog, but adopting an alien who can grow into a giant monster is proving quite difficult for the Web-Slinger.

Back in The Amazing Spider-Man # 43, after an intense battle with the size-changing alien, Gog, Spidey, and his roommate, Boomerang, decide to take the creature as their new pet. Using a special, homemade necklace to keep Gog from becoming a rampaging monster again, the roommates seem to be handling their little beast quite well at first. They are even starting to post pictures of Gog on social media to earn extra money. Of course, the alien is still a bit rowdy and needs to be trained at home, but overall it hasn’t caused too much of a problem.

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Sadly, that all changes in Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason and Edgar Delgado The Amazing Spider-Man # 62, when Kingpin sends a group of criminals to capture Boomerang. Noticing Boomerang’s close bond with Gog, Wilson Fisk realizes that the best way to reach the former supervillain is to target his pet, and that’s exactly what he sends Bullseye to do. When Bullseye takes aim, however, he pulls on the alien’s collar, allowing Gog to grow to his full size and rampage, terrorizing many surrounding civilians.

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Spider-Man arrives at the scene right after Bullseye’s shot and he works with Boomerang to resolve the situation. Thinking quickly, the wall-caterpillar recalibrates the collar and puts it back on Gog before any lives are lost. With Gog back to a more manageable size, Spidey and Boomerang drop off their pet with Mary Jane before preparing to take on Kingpin.

While Spider-Man and Boomerang’s bond with Gog is sweet, keeping him in the middle of New York puts far too many people at risk. Even the property damage caused by Gog in this issue is a major cause for concern, as it could ruin several lives. Additionally, the collar that’s supposed to keep her from turning into a colossal monster has proven to be quite easy to damage, which isn’t ideal, especially since Boomerang takes her in a costume, despite a mode life as dangerous. For a hero like Spider-Man, who is built on responsibility, keeping Gog in such a crowded place is totally reckless and even a little out of character. Fortunately, Peter Parker has a few options for taking care of his alien companion.

Spider-Man has tons of friends in the superhero community, and many of them are far better equipped to handle literal kaiju than he is. Perhaps the best candidates for the job would be the Fantastic Four, who have sent beasts like Gog to live happily on Monster Island for years. Their qualifications don’t end there, as Marvel’s First Family recently created the Forever Gate, which gives them access to any point in space and time. This means that they could find countless new perfect homes for Gog, and Peter could also visit him. No matter what they choose Spider Man and Boomerang must seek a new solution quickly, as it is only a matter of time before Gog launches into another King Kong-style attack. The Amazing Spider-Man # 62 by Marvel Comics is now available in stores and online.

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